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President Trump recently and correctly stated that America’s “Biggest enemy is fake news.”

While right to issue that warning, he still understated the threat the mainstream media represent to our Republic.


Worse than “fake,” the liberal media deliberately falsifies the “news” in a concerted effort to effect an ideological outcome. All tied up in very neat rhetorical bows.

One of those rhetorical bows comes in the form of the extensively test-marketed but still highly ridiculed motto of The Washington Post. That motto being: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

The embarrassing motto has been mocked so much that just this week, the editor for the Post tried to defend and explain it away.

Speaking of farcical mottos, while reading a recent screed against the State of Israel and President Donald Trump in the editorial section of the ever-more-left-leaning Financial Times, I glanced up at their masthead and noticed the catch-phrase: “Without Fear and Without Favour.”

Then, to complete the trifecta of the ludicrous, I went to the openly Trump-hating New York Times and read the progressive gold standard: “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”

With regard to the mottos of The Financial Times and The Washington Post, to paraphrase William Shakespeare – who would have been attacked into silence by today’s cowardly social justice warriors – “Methinks thou dost rationalize too much.”

As for The New York Times, at least for the last five decades, every Republican, conservative, libertarian and honest reader knows their slogan really means: “All the News that Fits, We Print.”


While fake-journalists and editors at liberal news-sites have been unethically and irresponsibly biased in favor of Democrats and liberal and socialist causes for years, they came absolutely unhinged by the legitimate and needed election of Donald J. Trump.

Colluding as one against Trump and his “Poor, uneducated” supporters, the liberal mainstream media has proven there is absolutely no ethical line they will not cross, no national security secret they will not leak, and no innocent person they will not smear to bring down the administration of this president.

For those reasons and more, it is in no way an exaggeration to state that they now represent the single largest domestic threat to our liberty, our values, and our national and economic security.

More than unethically hijacking the mainstream media, liberals and the far-left – through illegal discrimination and illegal discrimination alone – have put a strangle hold on the other two major megaphones of our nation. Those being entertainment and academia.

With the billions of dollars and massive propaganda power of these three massive public opinion influencers behind them, they have gone out of their way to not only conceal the truth from the American people, but blacklist and attack conservatives, Republicans, libertarians and Christians who dare to warn and inform their fellow citizens.


Warn them for instance, that every single member of the liberal mainstream media knows the greatest single threat to the economic wellbeing of our nation are the unfunded and unsustainable pensions and healthcare benefits given to public employees.

To the tune now of trillions of dollars, these public employee pensions are not only destroying the financial viability of cities, counties, and states across our nation, but denying desperately needed money to families and children living at or below the poverty line.

The liberal media know this, but would rather have the nation collapse financially than report honestly on the corrupt unions which control these obscene pensions.

Why? Because those unions fund liberal Democrats and liberal candidates.

Every single member of the liberal media knows that millions of poor inner-city school children have been written off by the system. That these children face a – often shortened – lifetime of misery and pain because of their lack of education.

The liberal media know this, but would rather pretend these children simply don’t exist than report honestly on the corrupt teachers' unions throwing these innocent children on the slag-heap of life.

Why? Because those teachers' unions fund liberal Democrats and liberal candidates.

Every single member of the liberal media knows that the untrue, biased, exaggerated, politicized, or one-sided stories they author about the courageous men and women who make-up America’s police forces is fostering a dangerous climate of hate and violence against those who represent our last line of defense against crime and pure evil, and yet, they continue to incite the mob.


Said one former officer: “The mainstream media plays a big role in making the police look like the enemy.”

“The enemy.”

What distorted and depraved version of America is the liberal mainstream media cultivating where our police are now viewed by many on the left as “The Enemy?”

As they now brazenly attack Trump administration officials, what is the end-game for these liberals?

Anarchy? Revolution? A totalitarian state?

As their minds become ever more poisoned by their twisted lust for the impeachment of President Trump, the erasure of our borders, the redistribution of wealth, and endless “Resistance,” maybe it’s time for the liberal media to come up with a new motto for themselves.

I suggest:

“United in Darkness, we favour deciding the freedoms fit to die.”

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