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Newsflash: The War on Christmas is over.

Those who rightfully believe that Christ needs to be a part of Christmas and those rebelling against the politically correct tyranny looking to strip all spirituality from the holiday have lost.

You have lost. We…have lost.

According to the latest results from the Pew Research Center – and already being gleefully shouted from the rooftops of certain left-leaning media sites orchestrating the campaign against faith-based Christmas – while 90 percent of Americans still celebrate Christmas in one way or another, a majority find that the religious elements of Christmas are emphasized less and less and few of them care about that change.

If accurate, it not only tells us how truly lost we are as a nation, but underscores the dangers of absolute power, discrimination, and propaganda.

Decades ago, Christians, conservatives and anyone against the insanity of political correctness ceded the three major megaphones of our nation to the far-left. Those megaphones being the media, entertainment, and academia.

Once the far-left was essentially given absolute control of the megaphones of our nation, they made sure they kept control via a brutal and ongoing process of discrimination in hiring.

If you were conservative, Republican, Christian or simply someone who would dare to question the dogma of liberalism, you were not only looked down upon as unenlightened, but had your name permanently carved into a granite “Do Not Hire Ever” list.

I have stressed in the past that human nature dictates that we tend to embrace the truth right up until the moment it reflects poorly upon us or our cause.

A truth the far-left not only ignores, but goes out of its way to deny, is that they have created a strangle-hold on the media, entertainment and academia purely through unethical and often illegal discrimination.

Not surprisingly, the far-left always screams the loudest about the “evils of discrimination” right up until the moment they can use it as a tool to advance their own ideology and goals.

One of the goals they have long sought being the total removal of Christ from Christmas and to transform the day into a secular holiday.

According to the Pew Research Center, that goal will be fully realized in but a few years.

Unless…at least 50 percent control of the media, entertainment and academia can be regained.

Unless…wealthy and powerful conservatives and Christians stop playing the victim and decide to jump into the arena.

Not to create conservative or religious propaganda sites – which would be just as wrong as what the far-left is now doing – but to bring honesty, fairness and a diversity of opinion back to the media, entertainment and academia.

Aside from the wealthy and powerful, everyone from every walk of life who still believes Christ needs to be a part of Christmas – a day only created to celebrate His birth – needs to speak up.

My wife who was born in Iran and into the Muslim faith is shocked at how many Americans have been cowed into not saying “Merry Christmas” at Christmas-time. Her answer to that being: “At least 80 percent of Americans still consider themselves Christian. Simply say ‘Merry Christmas and happy holidays.’ To not do so is to give into politically correct intimidation.”

The far-left and those who think Christmas should be a secular holiday believe they have won.

What say you?

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the new Christmas novel:  The North Pole Project – In Search of the True Meaning of Christmas.

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