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Purely for ideological and monetary reasons, a majority of the mainstream media continually and gleefully push the Trump-Russia narrative.

They truly don’t care if there is a “there, there” or not.

For them, it’s the ultimate win-win. They get to further their goal of damaging and delegitimizing the president and his White House while at the same time, getting paid.

As in, lots and lots of money.

The media executives pushing this narrative -- most especially at CNN and MSNBC -- know there are millions of liberals in the country who are still incensed that Donald J. Trump was legitimately elected president. Liberals who can be played and exploited and whose anger and hate can then be turned into a commodity which can be sold to advertisers in the form of higher ratings, readership and listeners.

In the world of cable news, if you can get just one-half of one-percent of the nation to watch your network – about 1.6 million people – you can make an awful lot of money. If you can push that up to 1 percent – with 99 percent of the American people still completely ignoring you – then you can make hundreds of millions.

Huge ratings and massive profit.

But at what expense?

As the cash-producing Trump-Russia narrative is splashed across the networks, cable networks, major newspapers, magazines, and Internet sites, my thoughts keep going back to Chicago.

Does anyone care about the human beings – men, women, and children – being shot and killed in that city every day?

Last month, over the 4th of July holiday, over 100 people were shot.

Over 100 people.

Think about that number for a moment and then put it in a different context. Imagine what would happen if over 100 U. S troops had been shot in a city in Afghanistan over just a single weekend?

The U.S. Government and military would rain Hell upon those who did the shooting while at the same time, doing all in their power to protect the rest of their troops at risk.

Maybe we need to relocate the city of Chicago to Afghanistan in order to get these people the help and protection they so desperately deserve.

As shocking and as unbelievable as they might be, the numbers don’t begin to tell the story of the sorrow and shame that is Chicago.

Last year well over 700 people were murdered in the city.

Approximately 4,000 were shot.

4,000 men, women and children shot. In a single year.

War-zones are literally much safer than that.

And yet, for most of the media and a vast majority of the politicians in our nation, there is “nothing to see here.”

Unless of course you and your children happen to live in that domestic “War-Zone.”

Why do those with the power to cover this American tragedy and those with the power to stop it, do nothing?

What is it about these victims that makes them so irrelevant to society and so expendable?

Is it the lie that it’s only “gang members shooting other gang members?”

Is it political? Something else?

What is the truth?

A mother should never have to bury her child. And yet in Chicago it has become an everyday occurrence.

Does the unimagined grief, loss, and fear of these mostly very poor mothers mean nothing to the media and nothing to our politicians?

Is there no profit to be made for the media from the loss suffered by these mothers? Are there no votes to be gained for politicians through the loss of a mother’s child to the streets?

Nothing to be exploited? No one to be played?

At the current pace, over 800 people will be murdered in Chicago in 2017.

How does breathlessly promoting the “Russian narrative” decrease that number?

How does promoting the “Russian narrative” help inner-city school children finally get an education?

How does promoting the “Russian narrative” mend a broken health-care system?

How does promoting the “Russian narrative” help an unemployed American find a job?

How does promoting the “Russian narrative” help the environment?

How does promoting the “Russian narrative” help with race-relations in our nation?

How does promoting the “Russian narrative” help the fight against illegal drugs?

How does promoting the “Russian narrative” stop a terrorist?

There are tens of millions of very poor and disenfranchised Americans across our nation in desperate need of attention, help, and protection.

Tragically for them, the media can’t monetize their suffering and they remain invisible to the political class.

They are on their own.

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