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The Armageddon Code: A Must-Read for All Those Looking for a Fuller Understanding of Christianity

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Like most people, the list of books I have read over the years is in the hundreds. The ones still to be read also in the hundreds.

That said, of all the books I’ve read or planned to read, a book about “The End Times” had never made either list.


Until now.

While never a “Bible thumper,” I have always been a person of deep faith, and as outlined in the past, my personal relationship with Jesus Christ started when I was five years old, when a little plastic Baby Jesus became my sole comforter during a fairly violent eviction from our home.

But even with that “deep faith,” from five years of age until now, I never had a strong desire to read a book on “The End Times.”

Like many people of faith, I had read articles here and there on the “End Times” and felt I had at least a basic understanding regarding the subject and the various arguments for and against such a scenario. That seemed like more than enough for me.

Then, I came upon a new book just out titled: The Armageddon Code: One Journalist’s Quest for End-Times Answers written by Billy Hallowell. Billy being, among other things, the faith-based editor for The Blaze.

When my memoir came out going on five years ago, Billy was kind enough to interview me. Aside from being a man of deep faith, it was obvious in our talks, that he was also simply a very kind and decent person with a very positive outlook on life.

Over the last few years, we stayed in touch.

Then, just this past September, I had a very surreal experience which led me – in one night – to write a book about the Forty Days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One of the first people I reached out to describe what happened to me being Billy.


It was during our conversations, that I found out that Billy was about to publish his first book. Because of who he is, I got the book right away and read it in one sitting.

My first thought as I read every page of The Armageddon Code, was that given that this was his first book, Billy Hallowell was a very talented story teller. My second thought being that this book was going to become the “go to” resource for all those interested in learning more about “The End Times.”

Unfortunately, as we have come to experience, for some on the far-left and especially a number in the media and entertainment, Christianity has become a subject to be ridiculed and vilified on basically a daily basis. With “The End Times” being a favorite target.

But, as Billy so rightfully and empathetically points out, there are tens of millions of Americans who either believe in the “End-Times,” or are looking for a deeper understanding of the subject. Good Americans who have done nothing to deserve the bigotry often directed toward them.

Maybe those who vilify Christians or who mock the faith to advance their own agendas might – if they can put aside their bias and open their hearts – benefit more than all others by reading this book.


To be sure, writing a serious book on “The End-Times” meant to appeal to a diverse and curious audience, would be a challenge for anyone. That said, Billy Hallowell has honestly met and exceeded the challenge with this thought-provoking book.

The bible and in particular “bible prophecy,” has long created open and often energetic debate. Should bible prophecy be viewed literally or through a more metaphorical prism?

Tens of millions of Christians deeply believe in bible prophecy with millions more curious on various levels.

Billy Hallowell has managed to write a book which will not only stand the test of time, but is a must-read for all looking for a serious and thoughtful examination of this subject as well as a fuller understanding of Christianity.

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