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Surprise. Despite his "jobs" speech, President Obama's own handpicked White House Office of Management and Budget has just predicted grim employment numbers right through 2012. Well, with that reality in mind, a news flash to the unemployed, the underemployed, and the mainstream media: The jobs are never going to come back under Barack Obama or under the liberal/socialist policies of far-left Democrats.  Never.


What more and more Americans are understanding about this reality is outright denied, hidden, twisted or scapegoated upon Republicans or conservatives by a liberal media more interested in the social engineering of the nanny state than the very welfare of unemployed Americans.

Those voters are now easily connecting the dots that as corrupt union after corrupt union was given more and more unchecked power by their Democrat enablers and protectors in the White House, Congress and statehouses — and as those unions took that unchecked power and made more and more outrageous, unethical and untenable demands upon corporate and small-business America — more and more of those businesses would make the very logical and common-sense decision to either outsource their jobs overseas, shutter some of their outlets or relocate their companies to one of the handful of states where they could still remain in business.  As for the latest example of this liberal and union abuse of power: Boeing anyone?

These same Americans, while they cannot possibly understand Obamacare — but then, neither can the president or Nancy Pelosi, and they created it — are coming to the realization that if a small business was suddenly ordered to pay four or more times for its employees' health care, the CEO might decide he or she could not afford the draconian government intrusion and choose instead to go out of business.

Marching proudly right behind the corrupt unions and Obamacare, you have the Democrat-beholden, job-killing trial lawyers.  Again, Americans desperate for work and for ways to take care of their families now understand why companies would choose to relocate all of their jobs overseas or close their doors forever rather than once again pay hundreds of millions or billions to trial lawyers who have zero interest in the American worker and every interest in expanding their massive bank accounts and hedonistic lifestyles.


Just as these voters now get that the president's continually hyped "stimulus" programs are nothing more than scams to pay someone to dig a hole and fill it up. Under Obama's failed policies, towns are now being directed to tear up new sidewalks and then replace them or take down new stop signs and replace them. Are you kidding me?  Maybe the real "secret" job creator for President Obama is that he will eventually have to tear down tens of American cities and then rebuild them as a payback to the unions.

Not only is Obama rapidly losing credibility with a growing segment of the population, as he inexplicably and eagerly pushes these job-eliminating polices created by liberal politicians, greedy public-employee unions, trial lawyers and the corporate-America-crushing EPA, he is confirming himself as anything but business-friendly to small business owners.

Said one in National Review online in reaction to the overreach by President Obama and his allies: "My wife and I are small business owners. We have been wanting to expand to a brick and mortar storefront for over two years. We have abandoned that quest …Why is the store unopened? In a word, uncertainty. We are watching small business owners around us going out of business; a sign of an anemic economy, not mismanagement on the part of the business owners. Most of my fellow business owners are unhinged by economic and political uncertainty. We all wonder what new 'improvement' the Obama administration will flush our way. We don't know what tax policy will be in the next year. We don't know how Obamacare will impact our bottom line …"


There you have it. Small business owners and your own common sense can spell out exactly why the jobs are going and not coming back.

For their own selfish needs, liberal politicians and their propagandists in the mainstream media are protecting and excusing the unions, trial lawyers and policies that are directly responsible for the elimination of millions of American jobs.

Whose job is next to go, and at what point do we fight back and say, "Enough is enough"?

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