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My Novel, the 2nd Amendment, Far-Left Presidents, and Liberal Publishing

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As a conservative author and writer, I’ve always been well aware that for the most part, mainstream publishing leans left to far-left. Even at that, I’ve managed to publish novels with conservative themes which have gone on to sell very well.

My surprise and disappointment came about when I floated the idea to major literary agents and book editors of a fictional character who proudly -- and with no hint of political correctness -- wore his deep belief in traditional values prominently upon his sleeve. Not only did they immediately turn a cold shoulder to the very idea, but I could tell that my lead character in “Vengeance Is Mine” made their pasty and pampered liberal skin crawl.

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Why? To be sure, they did not like the fact that he is Pro-life, Pro-guns, Pro-Sovereign borders, Pro-lower taxes, Pro-smaller government, Anti-Muslim Fanatics, Anti-Socialism and Anti-Illegal Aliens. The basic premise of the novel being that twenty years earlier Ian Wallace (the main character) worked for the CIA but left after his life and dreams were all but destroyed in a dark prison cell in Moscow at the hands of a ruthless KGB Colonel. Today, that Colonel is part of the Russian Mafia and is about to set foot in Boston – the hometown of Wallace. Decision time. Does Wallace take this opportunity to seek vengeance? And if so, will his actions compromise national security while putting the lives of many others at risk?

What I suspect sent these liberal agents and editors over the edge was the fact that within “Vengeance Is Mine,” both Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter are taken to task for conduct detrimental to the security and wellbeing of our Republic. Liberal agents and editors will gleefully allow other liberals to falsely smear conservatives and Christianity in novels and film, but go absolutely moonbat should a conservative dare to tell the truth about the Messiah Obama or his ideological mentor, Jimmy Carter.

For instance, the main character in “Vengeance Is Mine” is a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and makes this observation when meeting a friend about the right to carry firearms and the current occupant of the Oval Office:

“He had carried a red NIKE gym bag into the house with him, which he promptly put on the sofa and opened. Out of this, he produced a six pack of COORS. His next trick was to pull out a broken down Remington 1100 auto-loading shotgun.

As a proud member of the NRA and a very strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, I nodded my head in admiration of Tommy’s hardware and his belief in self-protection. As the current liberal occupant of the Oval Office and his allies in Congress and the media worked day and night to take away our guns and ammunition, I sincerely hoped Tommy had more where that came from.”

Whoops. That little passage broke liberal Commandment Number One: Thou Shall Never Tell The Truth About The Anti-Liberty Leanings Of The Anointed-One Barack Obama.

With regard to Jimmy Carter, this novel originally came about as a way to honor those who lost their lives 30 years ago this month in the Iran rescue mission. Someone I know well often wondered if Carter may have pushed up the rescue mission before the team was ready so as to get the positive press needed to help him defeat Ted Kennedy in the Democrat primaries. Toward that end, my fictional character Wallace relates this passage:

“When we got back to Bragg, there was a rumor going around that the President rushed the rescue mission so he could get the positive press coverage needed to help him win the crucial primaries coming up in May and June against the surging Senator from Massachusetts. I, for one, would hate to believe such a thing. If it were in fact true, then I can only wonder how well the man sleeps at night with the weight of eight souls pressed so heavily upon his heart and mind.

As it turned out, he won his Party’s nomination, but lost the general election in an embarrassing landslide to his Republican opponent.”

Again, not something that would go over well in the hallways of liberal publishing.

Rather than waste my time whining about the blatant prejudice by liberal editors against fictional characters proudly embracing traditional values, I decided to team with a very solid publisher and get the novel out via The question being, will anyone support it?

To that exact point, when writing about “Vengeance Is Mine” last week, a blogger wisely observed: “Publishers will buy and promote conservative non-fiction works because so many of them turn out to be bestsellers…but there is very little market for conservative fiction. If you’ve ever wondered why so many popular novelists, previously apolitical, took a sharp turn to the left…this is why. They wanted to keep being published -- plus they like the good reviews that accrue to a writer who stops the narrative to bash the right, even when it has absolutely nothing to do with the story.”

At the end of the day, I believe and hope I’ve written an entertaining novel. Albeit one where I and my main character refuse to take that “sharp turn to the left.” While liberal publishing gave the novel the brush-off, I’m more than happy to put its fate in the hands of the American people. A majority of whom strongly identify with the traditional values of the main character in “Vengeance Is Mine.”

If nothing else, it’s a worthwhile experiment.

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