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I’ve got a buddy in Texas. He’s the father of two sons and is married to a tiny, five-foot tall, chihuahua of a wife who beats the stuffing out of him if he’s doesn’t do what she says when she says it.


The sad thing is he thinks all this abuse is his fault and thus he deserves it and somehow he’s doing his husbandly duty to her, his sons and God by taking her uncalled for unmitigated schlock.

It’s about the closest thing to hell I’ve ever seen.

It’s right up there with watching Michelle Obama do the Tango with that poor little dude in Argentina. That was some scary shiitake, eh? Anyway ...

This crazy little chick belittles him in public and has no problemo whatsoever verbally undressing him in front of whomever … wherever. The chick has no filter and no governor.

I don’t get folks. I really do not get why the heck he puts up with her crap. It’s like dealing with a rabid, bipolar wolverine on crack. She’s foul. Simply, foul.

Trying to figure all this stuff out I asked him one day, when he managed to slink away from her all-seeing, belittling eye, if what happened in the bedroom was why he put up with that rank, little hater. I was trying to make some kind of sense out of why, in the name of all that is holy and sane, would he put up with her. My buddy sadly informed me that from a sexual standpoint he’s getting nada. As in nothing. Zilch. Zippo.

This left me in a lurch.

What man, in his right mind, would tolerate such evil?

So … I asked him is she rich? Is that it? And nope … she’s as broke as a trailer-park queen in Lazbuddie, Texas.

Dear God. What kind of hoodoo voodoo has this vixen vexed him with?


It’s pretty disgusting. My buddy has become a fraction of what he used to be. Before he was married he was a great, fun-loving dude. Now, he’s a raccoon-eyed, dispirited shell of man. Me and my alpha male friends have advised him to tell her to blank off, divorce her and sue for the kids; but he won’t.

He blames himself, makes excuses for her behavior and he even takes counseling classes to make him a better husband even though she won’t alter one damn thing of what she does.

This left me thinking, “Wow … my buddy has officially morphed into the European Union.”

That’s exactly how Europe cows before Islam.

Check it out: Islam says: “Europe … please accept me … I love you … I long for a new life together with you.” And then the next thing you know they’re screaming crap at you and trying to kill you and your kids.

Normal … sane … countries/people would tell the violent, nutter, invading and implacable “immigrants” to go back to Suckistan. But Europe, like my battered buddy, thinks it's all their fault.

They have all the signs of battered spouse syndrome. They deny what’s happening or they try to minimize it in order to avoid dealing with the actual danger they’re truly facing.

They take verbal abuse from Islam and then sit there in befuddled wonderment when Islam follows through with Brussels attacks while asking themselves, “What happened? I didn’t see that coming.” And I’m screaming at the TV, “Yes, you did see it coming! You just chose to view the Islamic invasion through your Hello Kitty, rose-colored glasses. The selfsame glasses the jihadist just ground to powder.”


What more does Islam have to do before Europe wakes the heck up?

Islam, like my buddy’s horrible little bride, tells Europe they hate them and they’re going to kill them and, yet, Europe doesn’t believe it’s going to happen; or they're self-deceived to such a degree that they think they can talk them away from a malevolent worldview that does not include Europeans.

So, keep on living in denial, Europe. Keep blaming yourself. Keep telling yourself it’ll “get better”. Keep on cutting Islam slack and excusing their verbal abuse and see what happens. I predict it won’t end pretty.

Or … or … you can drink a nice double espresso, slap yourself in the face and say to yourself, “Self … you’re better than this. You don’t deserve this. Your good has been taken advantage of and, starting right now, Islam can officially kiss my backside and get out of my country because I’m not going to live like a terrified slave to your verbal or physical abuse any longer.”

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