Praying for This Nation Like Our Butts Depended on It

Posted: Sep 25, 2011 12:01 AM

For the Christian who has been paying even minimal attention to the state of our union and its current crappy condition, it’s easy to see that our nation is in deep weeds from a God blessed standpoint.

We’re pretty much past the point of no return. If you don’t believe me, read this book. We’re in trouble, folks—and on every front. Our kids will be particularly screwed.

Yep, from an economic, political, cultural and spiritual perspective, if something is not done to reverse this nation’s course (and muy pronto) then my advice to you is to start taking yoga because one has to be fairly limber, I hear, to kiss one’s own butt good-bye. Oh, and another “suggestion” would be to teach your kids Chinese, TexMex and Farsi because those’ll be the main languages of the conquered on our continent.

If things do not change both dramatically and quickly (and to be specific, amended back to our God-honoring intent and constitutional infrastructure) then this country will cease to be the greatest experiment in self governance this planet has ever seen and will morph into a godless tourist spot driven by socialists wet nursing entitlement freaks. Greece is the word.

-No civilization has lasted long when there was:

-This kind of insane debt and spending,

-A bizarre notion of entitlement,

-A death of faith,

-A degeneration of morals,

-A collapse of civility,

-A paralysis of the will,

-A decline in native born population,

-And unopposed foreign invasion.

Google it if you don’t believe me, as the aforementioned is well known 411 regarding formerly great nations that have devolved into tacky travel destinations.

Hey, America: We’re not invincible. I know it looks like it, but believe it or not, there have been powerful civilizations that are now a cartoon of what they used to be, and it would be the height of hubris to think that this party will never end no matter what we do.

So, what’s a Christian to do? Well, there’s a lot the brethren can do, but to keep this column short I’m going to focus on the power of prayer for the USA. And when I say “prayer” I mean praying for our nation like you’d pray if you were wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress and had to pass through a pride of peckish lions in the Matetsi.

With the Bible as a guide I say we pull out the prayer of Jabez found in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 and shout it up to heaven for God to rain His favor back down on the States.

Basically, Jabez, whose name means “pain,” didn’t let the bad hand he was dealt keep him from calling out to God for great things. And y’know what, patriots? Neither should we.

Just because we’re in real pain as a nation doesn’t mean we roll up in the fetal position and wet our red, white and blue Pampers. Oh, heck no. Instead, we must go back to our roots, become a vocal and voting threat to all politicians, bolster our commitment to God and country, and pray what old Jabez prayed—namely, to be blessed, to have increased opportunities, to have His hand be with us and to be kept from evil.

Take the next 30 days or 30 years and put your personal prayers on the back burner and do this:

1. Pray to God that He would reverse this curse we’re under and leave a blessing instead.

2. Pray this land of opportunity we’ve inherited would continue to be a land of opportunity.

3. Pray that His mighty hand would be with us instead of against us.

4. And pray that the evil which is en vogue would cease to be that which characterizes our culture and would be replaced with that which is holy, just and good.

And maybe, just maybe, God will stay our execution and shed His grace on us again.

Please check out this music video that puts the above sentiments to song.

God help us.

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