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I’m sorry. I got that header wrong. It was a black mob that ransacked convenience stores and hammered a group of white people in Milwaukee this past July 4th weekend. Dang it. I ain’t ever gonna make it in this business. I’m such an idiot. 


Yep, this past weekend in the Brewer’s city a horde of African Americans, according to Milwaukee’s Police Chief Edward Flynn, looted a convenience store and beat a group of white twentysomethings in a local park in a “disturbing, outrageous and barbaric fashion.” 

The fact that it was a black on white assault would explain why we didn’t hear about it via the national news. Why was there zero press for this violent mess? Well, Spanky, that story and its culprits don’t blissfully mesh with the Left’s ongoing narrative, that’s why. It’s kind of like the ACORN “here’s money for several whorehouses” scandal of 2009, remember? The state-run media didn’t want to report on that because, once again, it would ruin the fairy tale they were trying to foist on the American collective.

God knows, and for that matter, you and I both know (heck, even a Casey Anthony juror knows) that if a cluster of violent crackers tosseda BP convenience store and beat a bunch of brothers to a pulp in a park that the Blame Stream Media would be on that nugget of 411 like ticks on a goat’s scrotum. But when the shoe is on the other pigmentally-enhanced foot … well, ladies and gents … we hear crickets.  I said, crickets, from the talking heads in the Blame Stream Media.


Now, in all fairness to the various news outlets for not reporting on this African American-based mayhem, we did have a busy week watching Satan’s spawn Casey Anthony walk away with a “not guilty” verdict; and it was a hectic seven days covering the nail-biting elimination rounds of So You Think You Can Dance; and of course, who can pass on the newsworthy bootylicious topic of the legitimacy of Kim Kardashian’s culo? However, I’m a thinkin’ that if we had a white gang running roughshod over several black tweens’ noggins we would have heard about that “teachable moment” until Jesus returns.

Here’s the local report.

And here’s my book you can buy, dad, to make certain your kid is not a part of such a cabal nor victimized by such thugs.

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