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Open Invitation

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Some 80,000 to 90,000 migrants are on their way to our southern border. These are people coming from all over Central America, but they're also coming from other countries — from Eastern Europe, from China, and from the far reaches of Asia. They know it's a porous border. 

How do these large caravans make their way over large tracts of territory? We've known for some time that there are left-wing organizations facilitating their movement all along the way. These are people who get phone cards so they can contact family members. These are people who get medical services en route. All this is facilitated by the U.S. Left and by the international Left. It's a conscious attempt to remake America in a very literal way and, of course, create a kind of left-wing enduring political advantage. 

But here's the point. You can't go through countries like Panama and Columbia, through the Darién Gap, and go all the way through Mexico and show up without governments cooperating. Why would these governments do it unless they knew that they had at least the tacit support of the Biden administration? Well, it turns out they do. 

There's very interesting reporting from Fox News in which they point out that these governments are actually tipping off the Biden administration as to who's coming, how many are coming, and even the details and the names of the people who are coming. 

Now, supposedly this is for the Biden people to vet these people, but think about it — the Biden administration knows even when people are hundreds of miles away who they are, and what are they doing to stop them? Nothing. 

In fact, it's sort of like, 'Let's get ready for these people to all show up.' We're planning to let most of them in. We might send a few of them back, particularly for photo ops, so the media says, 'Look, they're enforcing the immigration laws.' But of course, the idea is to take the rest of them and diffuse them through the rest of the country, particularly targeting swing states. 

All of this, by the way, is supported and corroborated by a new edict issued by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, that's euphemistic mumbo jumbo. On the face of it, the idea here is that we're not going to send migrants home without "taking into account" the "totality of the facts and circumstances."

As always, the details are in the fine print, and the fine print doesn't come until the middle of page two. Here's the point: "The fact an individual is a removable non-citizen will not alone be the basis of an enforcement action against them."

In other words, the fact that they're breaking the law is not sufficient to deport them. It's not sufficient to refuse them entry. Breaking the law is ok, in other words. You have to have other problems like, for example, you have to have a long criminal record, or you have to be a known terrorist or member on a terror watch list. 

If you're not one of those things — not a known member of MS-13, you're not a known bad actor — the very fact that here you are, you're breaking the law by the fact that you're crossing the border and you're not allowed to cross, you haven't gone through the immigration process, basically, it is now U.S. policy. They call it "prosecutorial discretion," saying these guidelines will help them exercise their prosecutorial discretion to achieve "justice." 

Justice. Look at the abuse of this term when we have immigration laws that are very generous but are nevertheless being circumvented by these unjust officials. In some ways, you can't blame entirely the migrants because they're coming with the full collusion of the Biden administration. It's an open invitation. Biden is saying, 'Listen, tip us off when you're coming, we'll run a screen test when you show up, we'll know who you are, and if we don't really see any red flags, in you go.'

This is outrageous. It's really the end of American sovereignty because a country can't really subsist without having a check on its borders. Think of even third world countries, rag-tag countries that no one wants to go to, they control their borders. But evidently, we don't, and we don't as a matter of policy. 

We already have 11 million undocumented illegal aliens in America, and the Biden administration is pushing really hard to try and get these people on a path to citizenship. They tried to sneak this into the infrastructure bill before the Senate parliamentarian said, 'No-go.' Then they tried to sneak it in a second time, and again they were caught in the act. So it hasn't worked this time, but they're confident they can make it work sometime. 

All of this is really driven not by any humanitarian concern for people in other countries, it's not driven by any meaningful understanding of who a refugee is. Many of these people are not facing political persecution. It's all cynical political calculation. The best revenge for it is to make Biden and the Biden administration pay next year dearly at the ballot box. 


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