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AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

There are a few things you can always count on when it comes to “progressive” Democrats. First, they are political animals, anything else is a distant second. Next, they will talk a good game about “equity,” but when the chips are down white liberals will always side with white liberals – see Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement of Adam Schiff for Senate over a female candidate and before any minority has a chance to enter. And third, those wealthy white liberals will always exploit race against others, at every chance they get.

If you’re a parent unhappy with your local school board starting a drag queen story time or a school library filled with grooming books about how to perform oral sex on an adult male, the FBI will add you to a list of suspected domestic terrorists. And good luck getting off that list – you didn’t do anything to deserve to be on it, getting off it is not allowed because it has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with resisting progressives. That’s a big part of the world the Democrat Party is creating.

Then there are other parts of that world, places equally dark that don’t get the attention they deserve because the left doesn’t want you to know they exist. 

“The brutal murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis Police Department officers is yet another terrible shock to the conscience of the nation,” opens a recent fundraising email from Adam Schiff for Senate, casting aside the concept of due process for the exploitation of the emotion of the moment. “My deepest condolences and prayers are with Tyre’s family and friends in grief, and I stand in solidarity with the protesters in Memphis and across the country who are peacefully demanding transparency, accountability, and justice for this horrific crime.”

Nobody should expect a politician to be anything less than an exploitative scumbag, and few people are more “politician” than Schiff. 

“Friend, while nothing we say or do can bring Tyre back to his family, there is something you can do right now that will make a positive impact amidst the grief that his family and our nation are feeling,” Schiff writes, dancing on Tyre’s grave.

And the something they can do? “Please donate today to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Campaign Zero, and The Bail Project — organizations that are seeking justice and addressing the systemic injustices within our society in pursuit of racial justice and defense of Black lives. If you can afford it, please consider contributing to them today.”

While the link goes to ActBlue, there’s little doubt Schiff will see his campaign’s beak wetted for the referral because that’s how politicians work.

But worse is what these organizations are. The NAACP is still dining out on what it used to be, back they were a real civil rights organization fighting for equality. Now they’re an appendage of the Democratic National Committee that, honestly, should be stripped of their tax-exempt status for their political activity. They are a race-based ACLU con job and should not be permitted to continue as a non-partisan charity. 

The other two organizations are worse, however.

Campaign Zero and The Bail Project are seeking to get people killed. That’s not their stated goal, but it is the result of what they’re pimping. 

Campaign Zero wants to defund police, and spends all their time advocating for just that and the continued demoralization of officers, making people in the communities they pretend to care about significantly less safe. What do they care, they don’t live there? 

The Bail Project raises cash to bail out violent criminals who can’t afford it themselves, enabling them to return home and finish the jobs the police arresting them prevented them from finishing in the first place. The Wikipedia page for them lists some of the deaths for which they, through the monsters they bailed out – monsters who were known to be monsters at the time as they were engaged in trying to kill people, mostly the women in their lives – are known for. Here are a few highlights:

“The Bail Project's St. Louis branch bailed out Samuel Scott, who was charged with domestic violence; he went home and beat his wife to death.”

“Travis Lang, who was previously being held in jail for possession of cocaine in addition to three other felony charges, including breaking, resisting arrest, and burglary was bailed out by The Bail Project in January 2021. Lang resumed selling drugs and on October 1, 2021, shot and killed Dylan McGinnis.”

“Another criminal whose bond was paid by the Bail Project is Marcus Garvin. Garvin was charged with battery, after stabbing a customer in the parking lot of a convenience store where he was working as a clerk. Following his release, he was soon charged with stabbing his girlfriend 51 times and dismembering her body.”

Adam Schiff wants people to give money to this organization. Why? Because, if you ignore the actual damage done and the dead bodies (which most wealthy white progressives do), it makes him look like he cares. And, probably most importantly, he doesn’t live anywhere near any place where what he advocates will have an impact. He gets a freebee – a virtue signal to his fellow wealthy white leftists without even a whiff of repercussions. He’s openly funding the terrorizing of people he’ll never meet for his gain. So progressive…


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