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The left is desperate to control you – what you say and what you think – and they’ve done a hell of a job so far in bullying people into submission and silence. It’s time to punch back. No, not literally (unless someone is physically threatening you), but metaphorically. If our constitutionally limited republic and the freedoms that go along with that are to survive, we need to make 2023 the year we stopped playing along with the left’s demands and delusions.


I don’t believe for a second that over the last couple of years every single Democrat forgot what a woman is. Beyond that, I’ll also never believe any of them truly believe a man can be a woman simply by declaring themselves to be. Take a look at the faces of Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi when they talk to one of these attention-seeking mutants insisting what clearly is somehow is not and you’ll see a telling smirk. They can’t hide it; even skilled liars have their limits.

There’s a reason you’ve heard of a lot of women accusing Biden and Bill Clinton of inappropriate touching, sexual assault, and even rape and none of them were “trans-women.” It’s not because they’ve gotten lucky in who they choose to target, it’s because they know. If “trans-women” really were women, wouldn’t some noted heterosexual date or marry one? Maybe we can get leftist activist Leonardo DiCaprio to take a break from 20-year-old Victoria’s Secret models to have a serious and passionate relationship with fake Internet “girl” Dylan Mulvaney?

We know that won’t happen, Leo likes real women. But I promise you that if some reporter ever asked him (and they never will because the only press more pathetic than the political press is the entertainment press) whether or not he’d date a trans he’d say yes. But he’d rather do to the favorite part of his anatomy what a wolf does to one of its legs in a trap than ever date a man, no matter what they insist they are.


But it was never about “compassion.” Do you really think any of these people give a damn about the elevated suicide rate of trans people? If they did they’d ask some questions about why it is the rate has increased once the profession of psychology was politically pressured into ending treatment for gender dysphoria and toward validating delusions. Add to that their deafening silence on de-transitioners – people who were seduced by the gender lobby only to wake up later, often times too late to have a chance at a normal life. Democrats treat them the way Joe Biden treats the illegitimate granddaughter Hunter had when he was cheating on his sister-in-law after having left his wife – like they don’t exist.

I give you Joe’s word as a Biden, these people do not believe this garbage any more than you do. This is about control.

If you can force people to do or say things they know aren’t true because an angry mob of flying monkeys is at the ready to cancel them if they don’t, you can get them to do anything.

Think back to a time when you could acknowledge a dude in a dress was a man, it wasn’t that long ago.

So just how corrupt, how far in the tank are these people? Does the name Chris Beck ring a bell? Probably not, you’ve (hopefully) got better things to do. But Beck was a Navy SEAL who came out as a “trans-woman” a few years ago. Chris was the belle of the ball with the left, getting glowing coverage from every media outlet you can imagine. “See, even a tough Navy SEAL is trans, which PROVES trans is real” was the tone of the coverage.


Well, at the end of last year Beck “de-transitioned” from Kristen back to Chris after coming to the realization that he’d been conned and manipulated by people who were supposed to help him. Those people and the experience “destroyed my life,” Beck says.

While Beck had endless, glowing coverage from the left-wing press, his awakening and crusade against the butchering of children has been met with silence. CNN wrote story after story of Beck, even one in Spanish for CNN Español (because news has a race now and they need to be controlled too), but nothing about the de-transition. Weird, right? 

These people are a special kind of evil who need to be defeated. The first and most important step in that process is to stop playing the game. Forget AP Style, the insistence from Democrats, the screaming from Hollywood, or whatever else they throw our way, just recognize that men are men and women are women; we’re all born that way, period. Individuals can live however they want, but we won’t be forced to play along. People can have their delusional lives, we will not be forced to be a part of it. It’s time to take sanity back, and something so obvious is the best place to start.


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.


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