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I don’t know Raphael Warnock personally, I tend not to associate with creeps who abuse women, but I do get his campaign emails and they are both hilarious and telling about this “man of God.” What, you didn’t know about the “Reverend” Warnock’s problems with his ex-wife? Maybe you didn’t even know this “man of God” had an ex-wife, a recent ex-wife, as all good “men of God” have – Looking at you, Al Sharpton. 

Unlike Sharpton, however, at least Warnock has a church. Well, Warnock has a sugar daddy masquerading as a church. Warnock has milked Martin Luther King’s Ebenezer Baptist Church of a small fortune - $7417 per month, to be exact. That’s $89,000+ per year for this “man of God” not as a salary because a United States Senator would not be able to earn a second salary, but as a “housing allowance.” Why? Because much, if not most, of the black church in this country, have become appendages of the Democrat establishment. 

Warnock isn’t working for the church, and if he is he should resign and do that full-time. So why the money? Because his position helps the church rake in cash. They use his name to raise money, special interests drive truckloads of cash there, Warnock gets his mansion paid for and it costs him nothing. Perfectly legal, all in the open…corruption.

Couldn’t that money be put to better use by the church? Couldn’t they use it to help the poor? If that was their objective, sure. But the black church in major cities across the country has become corralling centers for the Democrat Party, nothing more. They might pay lip service to the murders, drugs, and prostitution, but when it counts and where it counts they serve the needs of the political party in power in those cities – all and always Democrats. 

Having your “reverend” a US Senator is a feather in the cap no other churches can claim. If Warnock were a conservative the left would never shut up about how inappropriate it was to mix church and state. Since Warnock appears about as devout as abortion-loving “devout” Catholics like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, they have no objection. It allows them to co-opt faith and use it as a weapon – “See, we aren’t anti-religion, we elected a man of God!’”

Rather hilariously, the Senator Warnock campaign has been using his alternate “title” randomly in their fundraising. Some emails are signed “Raphael Warnock,” others “Raphael” or “Senator Warnock,” while others close “Reverend Warnock,” or “Rev. Raphael Warnock.” So many titles…

You need that many titles when you’re trying to separate people from their money. As the mortgage-free mansion-having, “Reverend” knows, you gotta do what you gotta do to separate a fool from their money. 

Since election day, I have received more than 220 emails from the Warnock campaign and its affiliated groups, averaging more than 18 per day (some days hitting as high as 23). When you’re pressuring the poor to add to their credit card debt to help them keep a job paying them almost $200,000 per year (more than that if you factor in benefits and expenses), a generous pension (do you have one of those?), so you can also keep your side gig as an honorary pastor at a church shoveling you an additional $89,000 (plus who knows what else?), you can see why you’d need to remind some suckers you’re a “man of God.” It’d be pretty easy to forget about that.

Will Warnock win the run-off election? I don’t know. But I can promise you that churches around Atlanta will be pushing for him. That status quo is a warzone for a lot of people, a death sentence for far too many, but a boon to the Democrat Party. They can’t let that party end. And what’s a party without a body count, right?

If you have the misfortune of having signed up for some email list the Warnock campaign has bought or rented, take a moment to marvel at the sheer volume of emails they’re sending, and the shamelessness of his campaign to exploit his “man of God” status for every last dollar. Then ask yourself if you think that’s how a true man of God would act. 


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