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Did you know that Rachel Maddow is considering running for office? She’s not, of course, she’d never give up that sweet $30 million per year for one day per week job she’s got at MSNBC (you can see why liberals would hate capitalism, someone worthless makes that much money for almost no work and people even more worthless think it’s unfair they aren’t making anywhere near that much). But the fact hasn’t stopped leftist groups from trying to raise money off her name, and their donors are so idiotic it probably works.

“She’s running???” is the name on the email that shows up in your inbox. Who’s running? And for what? Well, no one and for nothing. But the “Democratic Strategy Institute” is hoping you won’t notice those little inconvenient truths, they just want you to open your wallet.

The subject line reads, “Rachel Anne Maddow (JUST ANNOUNCED!!)” When a normal person reads that, coupled with the name on the email, they might get the impression that Maddow was running for office, which is what they want. They need you to open that email. You can’t click the link to donate, even by accident, if you don’t open it. So they lie. 

A smart person might wonder what Maddow would run for, but then a smart person isn’t the target of this group. 

The email opens, “You’re one of [4] Democrats from your area to participate in our exclusive Democratic candidate poll. Without your response, our data will be invalid. Please respond before 11:59 PM on 10/16/2022.” Oh no, we wouldn’t want your “data” to be invalid!

The “survey,” naturally, requires a donation and has very little to do with Maddow, simply asking if you think she’s a “good journalist.” 

I’m not sure why they need a “survey” to confirm in their minds what they declare to be so in their email. The rest of the email, which is very short because dumb people don’t have big attention spans, reads, “Rachel Maddow is an AMAZING journalist, Progressive, and activist.” Well, if you believe this to be true, what do you need my opinion on the subject for? 

“She always reports the TRUTH and holds Trump and his Republicans accountable for their LIES,” it continues. You can tell they’re serious and dislike “LIES” by the way they capitalized the word. “That’s why we think she’d be the perfect person to run for office. But we have no idea what local Democrats think. So please take a minute to respond before 11:59 PM.”    

They have no idea what local Democrats think. They claim they’re a “grassroots” organization. Isn’t the point of a grassroots organization that they are not only in touch with the grassroots, but are run by and populated by them? 

The answer is obvious to anyone with any content between their ears, but then anyone with any content between their ears wouldn’t vote for Democrats, so…

Hilariously, this group has sent this exact email 12 times in the last 7 months. Each time I got it was one of just 4 Democrats from my area lucky enough to be asked for my career planning advice for Rachel Maddow. Maybe that’s why they keep asking, their data is incomplete?

There was a time when a news organization watching even a clip of one of their people being used in a political ad would demand it be taken down and their person edited out. They were “journalists,” after all, and journalists can’t be seen as partisan actors, even tangentially. 

Times have changed. I’ve seen no story asking the Democratic Strategy Institute to stop using Rachel Maddow’s name. It may be out there, but I’d imagine they’d stop using her name if she or MSNBC insisted they do so. She is, after all, “an AMAZING journalist,” and they wouldn’t just use caps lock for nothing.

Hilariously, mixed in the 12 identical emails was one more that was a little different. The 13th read, “A couple of weeks ago, I sent out a poll to informed Democrats including yourself asking if you think Rachel Maddow should run for office. But we failed to collect sufficient data! Only 15% of local supporters responded -- that’s pretty disappointing, Derek! We must know where top Democrats stand on Maddow’s potential candidacy. (Especially Democrats from your area!) That’s why I’m granting a 12-hour extension for you to complete your poll. Please, Derek, click the button below and provide your input.”    

This was back in August and I let my generous “12-hour extension” expire. For a “top Democrat,” I’m horrible at following orders. I fear people like me will mean this “grassroots organization” will never truly discover “what local Democrats think.” Out of the kindness of my heart, I’ll help them out, just this once: Local Democrats don’t think, they lack the necessary tool.


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