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Cries of racism are all Democrats have when it comes to appealing to black voters, and even that is getting so thin that its cries are hitting levels of pathetic so laughable they’re funnier than anything woke late-night hosts have said in the last 10 years. In this panicked push, a new line has emerged from the left – there is a massive conspiracy to prevent “people who look like me” from voting – in a desperate attempt to maintain the status quo. 


It’s odd that this whining about being oppressed is coming at a time when television networks and websites are created explicitly to segregate information. This is coupled with an actual push by the left to bring back segregation in college housing, school functions, and graduations. As I’ve said for a long time, Democrats never changed their goals, they only changed their tactics. Once the party of segregation, always the party of segregation. But who would’ve thought they could have convinced so many black liberals to go along with it?

The Grio, a race-based “news” site is known for spewing lies to keep black people “in line.”     

In a piece entitled, “They will never let black people vote,” the blogger asserts that “Even though he (Biden) is the de facto leader of our national political institution and the most powerful man in America, he cannot fix democracy. Even if Biden somehow managed to strongarm the uncloaked Klansman from West Virginia or Karen Senator from Arizona into supporting democracy instead of using the filibuster as a tentpole for white supremacist politics, it still would not guarantee an end of Black voter suppression.” (I’m not going to link to that trash, you can find it pretty easily if you want to read its full racism on its own.)

Where is this “black voter suppression”? That’s one question I’d like to see asked that never is.

The closest you can come to an answer is something about photo IDs, like black people can’t manage to do what the average 16-year-old does. Or the idea that a line at a polling place is the same as Democrats turning firehoses and dogs loose on black people trying to vote. Lines are a normal part of life, get over it.


Believe it or not, we all used to vote on one day in this country. If you couldn’t vote on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November you had to ask the state for permission to vote absentee, but they didn’t always grant it. You had to provide a good reason why you couldn’t wait in that line, and there was no guarantee your excuse would be bought. 

Now you can vote absentee because you want to. If you are too busy or simply can’t bring yourself to go online and request an absentee ballot, you can vote in person up to 45 days before election day. If you are one of the few people in the country who somehow can’t afford a photo ID, your state will give you one for free. If you still can’t manage to get one because you somehow can’t prove who you are, there are people in the government who can help you with that.

If, after all of that (and a lot more), you still can’t comply with voter integrity laws, do the world a favor and don’t vote. It couldn’t be easier to vote unless they were just tossing ballots in the wind with pre-paid postage envelopes and requiring no name attached to them for them to count, or Democrats passed a law allowing them to vote on your behalf. If you can’t manage to do that, don’t vote.

We don’t need to make it easier for anyone to vote, we should make it harder. If you’re not willing to stand in line for a bit, go home. I don’t care how you would’ve voted, the world doesn’t have to cater to you. 

End early voting, end no excuse absentee voting, require photo IDs from everyone. Hire more poll workers and open more polling places, but make voting a conscious decision requiring effort, not an afterthought or a McDonald’s experience. If you care, you’ll wait. If you know what you support and which candidates support those things, you will vote no matter what. If you’re just an idiot doing what you’re told by “community organizers” or political machines, you probably won’t. Either way, the country wins.


That Democrats are terrified of even the barest of security measures tells you something, doesn’t it? Because if the “right to vote” is so sacrosanct that norms and the rules of the Senate must be destroyed, you’d think a minimum effort to protect its integrity would be the least someone would support. Unless that someone wanted to cheat…


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