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The Biggest Liar in Congress

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Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

There's a lot of competition for the title of "the biggest liar in Congress," as you might imagine, but there's really only one winner. It's not Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, or any other member of the Goon Squad – they are dumb and oftentimes lie, but their general stupidity tends to be the driving force behind them. On the other hand, Adam Schiff knows what he's doing and does it deliberately, freely, and without concern for anyone finding out the facts are to the contrary of what he's saying. 

Be it the Russia hoax, January 6, or any policy or piece of legislation, you can count on the balding Californian to blow so much smoke up people's rear end they run the risk of colon cancer. And you can't count on Schiff going anywhere near a media personality who would ask him any serious questions about that smoke. 

Schiff's district in California is as safe as a district comes – he won reelection in 2020 with 72.7 percent of the vote, which was his "closest" election since 2016, when he only garnered 70.24 percent. Calling him "safe" is an understatement. 

So, why is he so desperately scrambling to raise campaign cash like he's at risk? Because he wants to be in Democrat leadership in the next Congress. 

Nancy Pelosi is going to retire soon, Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the House, is older than dirt too, as is James Clyburn, the third in line. Schiff is 61, a virtual newborn compared to the octogenarians leading the left right now. They're not long for this Earth and not long for Congress; someone is going to have to fill that void. Given the state of Democrats, why wouldn't a full-blown fraud, conspiracy theorist, and liar be chosen as their next leader? 

"Hey friend — it's me again," Schiff's fundraising email under the subject line, "Hey, it's Adam," starts. "Our November deadline is just 48 hours away. I know you're probably busy and still stuffed from Thursday, but while I have your attention — can you pitch in $10?" 

The wannabe leader of the party of billionaires and Wall Street continues, "When the GOP is ranking in millions of dollars from corporate lobbyists and billionaire donors, $10 might not seem like much. But it can make a difference." When you're a liar, you lie, always. Even to your friends and supporters. 

Then, another push with, "By the time you read this someone else has already pitched in $10 because they understand that when each of us helps with a few dollars at a time we'll raise the funds to defend our majority before you know it. We've done it before, and we need to do it again." Don't be the only one NOT giving, who DOESN'T understand how important this is. It's ONLY $10! 

No fundraising push would be complete without invoking the boogeyman: Donald Trump. "This grassroots team is our best defense against the authoritarian cult that Donald Trump's GOP has become. We simply can't allow Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker to rule on the results of the 2024 presidential election with Trump on the ballot." 

The closer has to evoke fear as well as hope, and Schiff, who aspires to be a writer in Hollywood (seriously, look it up), knows how to do it. "We know Trump is desperate to run again. And we have to shut off any illegitimate path to power he will try to exploit with the help of his Republican cronies and yes-men. Call me an optimist, but as long as we stay committed to our work and never let up, we can defend our country and uphold our democracy." 

Just give a guy whose seat is as safe as they come $10 and you can protect the world from Orange Man Bad. 

Schiff doesn't need the money; he's getting reelected. But he wants the money, which he's surely raking in hand over fist, so he can spread it around to vulnerable Democrats. If those Democrats win, they will be grateful and loyal to Schiff for helping them. If and when a leadership post opens, the pudgy-faced liar, the biggest in Congress, will be right there to step up to the call. That he has a legit shot at leadership with Democrats, either in the majority or minority, tells you a lot about the character of that party, doesn't it? 


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