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To Save The Republic, Destroy The Media

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To produce some viruses for study, in the hope of eradicating them, scientists use monkey kidney cells. It’s the perfect environment for them to replicate; to grow. For the virus that is progressivism, the media is the monkey kidneys, and to eliminate the threat that this left-wing sibling of communism, socialism, and fascism poses to the world, that delivery device needs to be destroyed. 


The profession, or at least what it used to be and is supposed to be, is important to the country. People need to know what is happening in their world. But what we have now is not journalism, it’s something else, something beyond propaganda. It can’t be reformed, the core isn’t rotten, it’s deliberately corrupt and hell bent on the destruction of our way of life.

Journalism has always had bias, but they at least used to try to hide it. They’d report some truth, leaving out other, inconvenient parts on the cutting room floor. Now they make it up. They make it up for the express purpose of manipulating people, herding people into groups, then turning those groups against one another. All in service to the Democrat Party. 

Just this week alone, there have been more examples than I can count of propaganda and lies that would make Leni Riefenstahl and Joseph Goebbels embarrassed. 

Paul Krugman at the New York Times told his 4.6 million followers, “In reality, given that GOP supporters believe that rampaging mobs burned and looted major cities — somehow without the people actually living in those cities noticing — getting them to see facts about something as abstract as the deficit is a hopeless cause.” 

This isn’t mistake, he didn’t get it wrong or word it poorly, and he’s not uninformed; it is a deliberate lie. 

Multiple media outlets have gone after civilians for donating to the defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse, getting people fired for as little as $10. Stalin was more tolerant of differing points of view than these people. 


The day after it was announced that South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is to deliver the Republican response to Joe Biden’s multi-trillion dollar Oprah-style giveaway before a joint session of Congress, the Washington Post ran a preemptive hit piece on him under the guise of a “fact-check.” The only thing was there was nothing to fact-check. 

The Post’s Glenn Kessler spontaneously decided to “fact-check” something unrelated to policy proposals. It was personal – how, in his family, they’d gone from his grandfather picking cotton to him being a United States Senator.

Seems like an odd thing to “fact-check,” especially since he hasn’t told the story this year. But his story exemplifies the greatness that is America, and there’s nothing liberals hate more than the idea of American greatness. 

What was deemed misleading about the story? That Scott’s grandfather dropped out of school to pick cotton and support his family wasn’t, it was that Scott didn’t add that the farm on which he was picking that cotton was owned by his great-grandfather. I’m not kidding, the Post basically argued that a black man really didn’t have it as tough as Scott said in the Democrat-controlled Jim Crow south because his family owned the farm he had to drop out of school to work on to keep it from going under. This wasn’t fact-checking, it was barely opposition research, it was really a warning shot against a black conservative letting him know his place while trying to discredit him before he speaks to the nation with the very people Democrats fear he could reach. 


Any disagreement with Barack Obama was called racism, but real racism can be deployed against any black conservative as needed and it’ll win awards.

Then there was the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, the wannabe murderer prevented from achieving her goal by a hero police officer. I have never seen people wish for the stabbing death of another person before, yet that’s what the leftist media spent the week doing. I don’t know who the woman in the pink jumpsuit is but, with rare exception, the media spent the better part of the week arguing that she should be dead without actually saying it. If the police officer had not shot Bryant, the woman in pink would be dead. No one disputes it, they just don’t care. They need another George Floyd more than a junkie needs another fix, and if they have to manufacture it, well, damn it they were going to make one. Even in the face of irrefutable video evidence to the contrary. 

When Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are the voices of reason in your profession, by a lot, simply by acknowledging a police officer did his duty and saved a life, it’s a pretty good indication your profession has passed the point of no return. 

There is no rehabilitating it, there is no coming back. The “cure” has become the disease. I know conservatives like to talk about how they don’t “do boycotts.” All taking the “high road” does when fighting the left is give you a great view of your defeat. It’s time to get serious or to surrender, because just going along to get along is no longer an option. Don’t buy the products that fund them, don’t watch the shows on the networks that spread their lies, and do not stop until they’re all “learning to code.” They’d cheer your ruination, return the favor and hasten theirs. The media has to be destroyed and everyone in it replaced, or they will destroy everything else.


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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