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The more years you get behind you, the less happy you are to see one pass. But 2020? To hell with it: good riddance.

There really wasn’t anything good about 2020, the whole thing was a joke at our expense. Even though it feels like 10 years ago, and was a complete joke, the year started off with impeachment. Remember that? Democrats manufactured charges against President Donald Trump, knowing full-well there was nothing to it, just so they could stain his record. 

Calling the bluff of Democrats, and in an extremely rare move, President Trump released the classified transcript of his call with the president of Ukraine and it showed nothing remotely close to problematic. Knowing that, Democrats in the media had to omit 540 words, stringing together two separate thoughts to concoct anything remotely close to what they labeled a quid pro quo to justify their actions. 

As was obvious to anyone with half a brain, the charges went nowhere in the Senate. But the mark was made, a scare in history to be scratched at by liberals in the future. Mission accomplished.

While Democrats were pushing their choreographed impeachment plan, a pandemic was sweeping the globe. President Trump talked about it in the State of the Union Address; Nancy Pelosi ripped up the pages. President Trump stopped travel from China, then from Europe; Democrats encouraged people to attend parades and not take it seriously while calling the President a xenophobe. 

There was literally nothing to be done to stop the spread of an airborne virus. Its place of origin lied to the world about every chance they had, but simply because they weren’t in the White House, Democrats engaged one of the most despicable rhetorical tools to attack the president – the undisprovable lie. 

The undisprovable lie is used by the shameless to claim what they would have done and how it would’ve worked out better, usually perfectly, when there is no way it’s true but can’t be disproven because there’s literally no way to know. The rest of the year was marinated in this scam, swallowed willingly by pundits and journalists and repeated each and every time it was repackaged. 

That was really the story of 2020 – nothing was beyond the pale; there were no lines left uncrossed. The more absurd the claim, the more it was repeated. The “senior official in the Trump administration” who penned an op-ed claiming to be part of an internal “resistance” in the administration was a mid-level flunky without access to do or know what he’d claimed. If someone said anything that made the President look bad, no matter how disconnected that “source” from being in a position of knowing. Report first, do no fact-checking later.

Meanwhile, a zombie won the Democratic Party’s nomination, then quickly went back underground. Not one single pile of human garbage with a press pass bothered to ask a tough question of Joe Biden or point out the fact that he couldn’t answer it if they’d ever tried. 

That zombie “won” and now awaits reanimation daily in scripted appearances, and still couldn’t fumble his way through repeating the most basic of details about what he did yesterday. Most of 2020 was a cruel joke.

We went from “15 days to stop the spread” to “you may never be allowed to leave your house again,” and everyone calling the shots, ordering people’s lives to be ruined, never missed a dime in pay. We are now, through orders from governors, split into the rules and the ruled. 

How this ends is no longer the question, it’s whether or not this ends. Dr. Fauci threw out his back moving the goalposts, contradicting himself on every issue, multiple times; yet his every decree is gospel. Biden promises to cede decisions to him. Did you see his name on a ballot? Have you seen his record of success? Holding a job for decades appears to be his biggest, yet our fate rests in the hands of a man who came to fame working on a vaccine for AIDS that never came into being. Now a paper-pusher, he somehow is de facto president in the media, readying for his move to the big office. Maybe 2021 won’t be any better…

This year was a disaster, and if we play our cards wrong, things will stay bad for a long time. As it ends, the only good thing that can be said about 2020 is that it is ending. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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