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Let’s face it, there is nothing that won’t offend a Democrat. They get up every morning actively seeking something to bother them after waking up in a cold sweat and dreaming of microaggressions. They aren’t normal people; you wouldn’t wish their lives on your worst enemy, you also wouldn’t have to because they already have them. Liberals being miserable is nothing new, they’ve just gotten more forceful in projecting their misery on everyone else. If they get their way in the election, they’ll be able to mandate their misery and punish those who don’t comply. How that will manifest itself is always on display, just flip on MSNBC or CNN for two minutes and you’ll see it.


This week’s examples are about sexism, which at least is a nice change of pace from Democrats calling everyone racist.

Since its inception, feminism told everyone they were fighting for equality. That’s a noble goal. It’s also one the feminists achieved, whether they want to admit it or not (and they don’t want to admit it because there’s no money or power in admitting it). But equality brought with it something unexpected and inconvenient – literal equality.

No one is screaming about how women can’t be this, that, or the other thing anymore. There are more women in college today than men, for example. But with that success came expectations, particularly that men could treat women the way men treat other men. As we see regularly, that’s not allowed.

College professors demand more women authors to be taught rather than the classics written by men. Museums want to display more female artists, and the list goes on and on. No one dare say to women, "write better books, create better art, and produce classics."

The same demand for preferential treatment was on display in the vice-presidential debate. Mike Pence committed the “sin” of treating Kamala Harris like he has treated other men he has debated. Rather than being applauded, or better yet simply unremarked upon, for treating Harris as an equal, Pence was accused of “mansplaining,” a made-up crime to perpetuate the progressive feminist grift.

The truth of the matter is feminists, leftists, and pretty much anyone claiming to be pursing equality are actually seeking preferential treatment. No one wants to be “treated equally” because, on average, people treat each other pretty poorly.


I’m not saying we’re abusive to each other, though some can be. Mostly we simply don’t care. We don’t care about people we don’t know. We don’t wish them ill. It’s not like we walk around cursing the strangers we pass in our heads; we just simply don’t give them a second thought.

It’s not wrong when people pretend not to notice someone begging for money at an intersection or step over an unconscious homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk. It’s human nature. We only have so much bandwidth. What isn’t human nature is pretending to seek equality while demanding special treatment.

Should a woman never be interrupted by a man? That’s not equality. Yet, it’s what the self-professed seekers of equality demanded this week. It’s what they demand every week and every day of every week. 

What the left demands publicly and how they pursue it are incompatible. They’re also destructive.

The Governor of Michigan blamed President Trump for an alleged plot to kidnap her by a group whose members, it turns out, include people who hate the president and attended Black Lives Matter protests (figure that one out). Trump said mean things about her, so she lied and said they were inspired by him, which was enough for her to claim victim status. It had to be Trump’s fault because Trump hates women, and Gretchen Whitmer is a woman. The media eagerly parroted her lies as fact, not mentioning the unpopularity of her own decisions and abuses as governor (declared such by the state’s Supreme Court).


Two weeks earlier, a woman mailed the poison ricin to the White House hoping to kill the president. You likely never heard of it. One event, thankfully, never made it past the planning stage. The other happened. The president’s criticisms were blamed for what happened in Michigan, four years of relentless slanders, accusing Trump of being everything from a puppet of Russia to Hitler reincarnated. The slanders, repeated endlessly on two cable “news” outlets, were not even considered to be a possible inspiration for an assassination attempt against the president. 

When progressive “Bernie Bro” James Hodgkinson opened fire on Republicans practicing baseball because of an endless stream of “reports” claiming their health care plan would lead to the deaths of 10,000 people per year, the leftist media moved on before Congressman Steve Scalise was off life support. It was inconvenient to the narrative that Republican rhetoric leads to violence, so after three days it was like it never even happened.

One side gets treated one way, the other treated differently. You can call that a lot of things, none of which are equality.

Equality is not what Democrats want, and it’s not what they would ever accept. Democrats are above criticism and not responsible for anything. Everything is the fault of Republicans, even when the evidence clearly shows it isn't. Repeating Gretchen Whitmer’s whining about Trump’s rhetoric doesn’t make her lies true. Complaining about Kamala Harris being interrupted “because she’s a woman” doesn’t change the fact that she was interrupted not because of which bathroom she uses but for the lies she uses. Demanding equality while insisting on being treated differently does not make liberal women victims. It makes Democrats hypocrites.


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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