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In 2008, former Senator John Edwards ran for president under the banner of there being “two Americas.” In his campaign, the philandering narcissist was attempting to differentiate between the rich and poor, claiming they exist in different worlds with separate rules. He was wrong, partially. There are two Americas with rules for both, but the divide isn’t rich and poor. It’s left and everyone else. Progressive Democrats set the rules for everyone else and a fluid, ever-changing set of nothings for themselves.


There are no standards to which Democrats will hold themselves. You can’t open your business, patronize establishments you deem essential, and countless other things the Democrats don’t want you to do. Of course, they can do all of them and more, but you need to shut up about it or else they’ll come for you. Just ask Erica Kious, the San Francisco salon owner now fearing for her life because Nancy Pelosi needed a blowout. 

Kious made the mistake of pointing out how the Speaker of the House was able to do what normal Californians aren’t allowed to do, and now Kious and her business are under attack with the most powerful Democrat in the country accusing her of a “set up.”

Pelosi violated the rules, not Kious. But the left’s army of flying monkeys were unleashed on Kious within hours, with allegations about her business practices, political donations, and everything else you can imagine slamming down on her like an iron fist.

It reminded me of Joe the Plumber, who simply asked then candidate Barack Obama a basic question. Obama, famously, bungled the answer – embracing socialist tropes – and, within a couple of days, we knew more about Joe’s background than we still know about Obama’s (how did an admitted lazy student more interested in smoking weed with the Choom Gang than school work get into three of the most exclusive colleges on the planet, and how did he afford them?) Even Joe the Plumber's taxes were illegally leaked, and all he did was ask a question.


The Atlantic ran a story based on the word, or so we’re told to believe, of anonymous sources that President Donald Trump regularly insults the military. No one was willing to go on the record, afraid of mean tweets. Seriously. “They don’t want to be inundated with angry tweets and all the rest,” is what the author of the piece, who also happens to be the editor-in-chief, gave as the reason none of the alleged four sources would put their names to their quotes.

They’re all, supposedly, former administration officials, so they have nothing to hide and have no fear of losing their jobs. Yet they won’t put their name on it. That means there is literally no way to assess their claims, and no way to refute them. Contemporaneous accounts at the time, as well as every single person involved willing to go on the record, including Trump hating John Bolton in his book say it didn’t happen, but the media treats the story as if it were carved into stone tablets by a burning bush.

Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who accused Joe Biden of digitally raping her in a private hallway in Congress, brought reams of back-up with her when going public, including much of it from the time (which could not be doctored) and the media yawned. A left-wing crackpot accuses the president of rape in the same time period, and she has the red carpet rolled out for her. She says some of the craziest things you can imagine and they’re ignored.


Donald Trump is called a draft-dodger, Joe Biden is not. Both received multiple deferments. Democrats are literally attacking people in the streets, straight-up murdering one Trump supporter, and destroying lives and businesses, but they’re described as “mostly peaceful.” A kid is under attack from a mob and shoots three, including one with a handgun, and he’s immediately called a “white supremacist” before the blood is dry. The killer in Portland goes into hiding, finally killed in a shootout with police weeks later. The shooter in Wisconsin was running for his life toward police, immediately turning himself in. One gets a softball interview with Vice News and is declared a martyr, the other is a monster. One shot a religious man walking down the street, the other shot people with disturbing criminal records on film trying to take his weapon and beat him. One victim is repeatedly called a “right-wing extremist,” the others (with criminal records ranging from domestic abuse to sexual assault) are called a “dad” and a “skateboarder.”

The president retweets something from someone else and the entire history of that person is unearthed, with anything “un-woke” they may have ever said being ascribed to the president. Joe Biden meets privately with a raging racist, anti-Semite father of a criminal shot after fighting with police, and ... crickets.


You pick the year, it doesn’t matter, and more white people are killed by police than every other race, usually combined. But not a single one of those lives matter, none make national news. Neither do Hispanics, by the way. But a black gang member with a gun in his hand running toward a cop after a foot chase gets shot and the ACLU calls it “murder” and the mob takes to the streets yet again.

The media accuse Republicans and Trump of trying to stoke fear, while declaring anything short of a landslide victory for Democrats will result in more violence. One hundred straight days of thousands of protests rampaging in the streets, and a “study” declares the liberal mob “mostly peaceful.” “Over 90 percent of protests this summer were peaceful, report shows,” declared one headline. Ten percent of thousands of events is a lot of violence and destruction. Well, the Titanic’s Atlantic crossing was largely uneventful, people just focus on the one part because they hate cruises, or something.

Barack Obama’s “magic pen” created laws without any left-wing pushback. In fact, Democrat members of Congress encouraged him to bypass them and their duty -- their damn jobs -- because they wanted the end result. President Trump does the same thing to repeal those unconstitutional declarations and he’s a monster abusing his power.

I could go on forever. There isn’t an issue where leftists aren’t held to a different standard than anyone else, or no standard at all. And this is happening when they aren’t in power. Just imagine how bad it would get if they were…


There are two Americas, and we’d better work like hell to make sure the America imposing hypocrisy on the country is crushed in November, or else it will crush us.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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