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It was the best of Trump, it was the worst of Trump…

If you listen to Democrats, both elected and in the media, President Donald Trump is both a diabolical monster worthy of being a character on Game of Thrones, and a bumbling moron who wears slip-on shoes because he’s incapable of tying a successful knot. On which side of that scale he falls depends on the day and what they need him to be.


Donald Trump, of course, can’t be both. No one could be. But leftists treat him as both in an attempt to convince people of just how unstable or dangerous he is. In the end, they expose just how unstable and dangerous they are.

Did you know that the president of the United States is, perhaps, the world’s greatest anti-Semite? It’s true, it was on MSNBC and CNN so it must be.

He’s sending “dog whistle” messages to “his base” to inspire hatred, which occasionally boils over to attacks on synagogues. He’s just like Hitler, using hate and coded messages into the world as a wink to horrible people to let them know he’s on their side.

He’s also a suck-up to Israel, somehow. When he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, something Israel wanted for years and presidents promised for just as long, he did it out of hate, or something. The same is true for when he recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, it just has to be.

Were you also aware of the fact that Donald Trump is a bumbling moron? It has to be true, I read it in the papers. He’s so clueless and incompetent that it’s only a matter of time before everything around him collapses and our very democracy is destroyed.

He’s also a mastermind who managed to collude with a foreign adversary to manipulate the results of the 2016 election, yet managed to leave zero evidence of this collusion. A two year, $25 million investigation with no limits by experienced prosecutors was able to find nothing, not one bit of evidence, he’s that good…somehow.


Did you know he’s an economic illiterate as well? His economic policies will lead to massive job losses and a recession, if not a full-blown depression. People are going to be made to suffer as this bankruptcy machine moves like a drunken bull in a china shop through our economy.

He’s so incompetent, in fact, that we’re experiencing economic growth on a scale the people accusing him of incompetence swore to us was impossible before he took office. Being near full employment, with real wages increasing at a rate unseen during the entirety of the administration of Barack Obama is just a distraction from the reality that people don’t have any idea how bad they really have it.

As far as unemployment goes, these amazingly low numbers only came about as a result of the policies of Barack Obama. Eight years of stagnation and backsliding under Obama only happened because of the policies of George W. Bush. After nearly a decade of “recovery summers,” and only once he left office and many of his policies and regulations were repealed, did Obama become responsible for the economy. The Trump tax cuts were just a payoff to rich whitey, the record low black and Hispanic unemployment rate that followed is a trick, a distraction from the president’s obvious racism against those very same groups of people who’ve never seen numbers like this.


Of course, each of these things are points of view that have been argued, at one point or another, in the media by people we’re supposed to take seriously. These “experts” have argued both sides of every issue when it comes to Trump. And they’ve had to lie to do it.


To this day, after Charlottesville, they say the president called neo-Nazis and “white nationalist” a group of “very fine people.” Yet at the same time, in that very same press conference, Trump said, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalist, because they should be condemned totally.” (See for yourself in this video of the press conference at 1:58.)

There are cases to be made against every politician, President Trump is no different. But it’s a testament to just how weak that case is that liberals have to resort to contradicting themselves and lying in order to make it.

Derek is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.

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