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This Election Is Anything But Normal

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Under normal circumstances, Republicans would be poised to lose Tuesday’s midterm elections by a landslide. History says dozens of seats in the House of Representatives flip in the first midterm of a new presidential administration. But history is a guide, not a rule. And current the circumstances of the country are anything but normal.


I’m not talking about President Donald Trump and his Twitter account, though that certainly is outside the usual. I’m talking about what it is the opposition party is offering and the idea that some people, perhaps enough to flip the House, might take it considering the current state of affairs.

After eight years of a Democratic Party-created stagnant economy, when we were told the “new normal” would be 2 percent growth and manufacturing jobs were going extinct, we’re experiencing actual growth in both.

The economy is growing, there are currently more job openings than people looking for work, and wages are increasing at the strongest clip in a decade. All of this, we were told, was impossible. Why on God’s green Earth would anyone consider returning to power the people responsible for a wet blanket economy?

Hispanic unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been, same with black unemployment. The economic reality of 2018 is all of these things are going better than anyone could have predicted. So why are Democrats even in contention for retaking the House?

When Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton we were warned it would be the beginning of the end of our economy. On the day of the election, on MSNBC the gang that can’t think straight swore electing Trump would be the equivalent of signing our own death warrant. “If the unlikely event happens and Trump wins, you will see a market crash of historic proportions,” said Steve Rattner, who was Obama’s “car czar.”


Rattner wasn’t alone. Without exception, liberal economists, pundits and journalists swore we’d just drank economic hemlock on November 8, 2016. What we really did was swallow a big dose of economic antibiotics, starting the process of destroying the infection that was the liberal heavy-hand on the throat of our economy. Why would we go back now?

We wouldn’t, in normal times. Republicans would coast to victory and Democrats would be left scrambling to retool a message that resonates with working Americans in preparation for 2020. But this election, thanks to a coordinated effort by Democrats, both in and out of the media, isn’t about the economy, or even the victories over radical Islamic terrorist groups, it’s about nonsense, hoaxes, and outrage.

The Democratic Party isn’t running on what they’ll do if elected, if people knew just how radical they’ve become they wouldn’t win a popularity contest in their own families. No, they’re running on not being the party of Trump. Two solid years of misleading, anonymously sourced stories of chaos that never came to fruition, conspiracy theories of Russian collusion to steal the election, this or that person about to be fired – liberals have accused Donald Trump of everything short of shooting JFK and causing that Malaysian airliner to disappear. None of this stuck because none of it was true.


The lack of truth, the lack of vision, and the lack of message doesn’t seem like much of an impediment, if the polls are to be believed. All the positive economic data in the world, coupled with more money in everyone’s pocket, has difficulty penetrating a relentless onslaught of free media doing your bidding. If Democrats win it will thanks to the media not only doing their bidding, but covering their tracks.

Angry mobs burning campuses, disrupting Congress, and attacking pedestrians from coast to coast got less attention than any of the multiple rounds of unfounded rumors that the President would fire Robert Mueller. The question is, will it work?

Can a political party with no articulated agenda other than resisting the President win when the actual economic news is nothing short of spectacular? Is hatred enough to overcome reality? Is the idea of continued economic growth not enough to overcome some tweets in the minds of voters?

It really comes down to turnout. Will the angry outnumber to content? Are they content, the happy, and the thriving willing to vote for the party that made this economy possible, or will they stay home while the mob rushes to return liberals to the positions they were run out of just 8 years ago?

The problem with good economic news is people can quickly begin to take it for granted and focus on other, unimportant issues. That’s where Democrats thrive – in the things that divide us. If you were thinking of not voting, or not voting for a Republican in a particular race because you have an issue with one or two things they did or didn’t do, you need to reconsider.


Normal Republicans will show up to vote, but they may not be enough. Liberals are motivated, right of center people uncomfortable with the President may not. It is with them in mind that I ask you to let these 6 words gnaw at your conscience before Tuesday: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Imagine that gag reflex that just kicked in lasting for 2 years.

You wouldn’t let the air out of your tires during a race you were winning simply because you don’t like the guy who sold you the gas, why do the same with the economy over some tweets or legislation yet to be passed? Vote, and bring likeminded friends and family members with you. If the prospect of continued economic growth and our physical security isn’t enough to motivate you, then do it for the absolute freak-out that would occur on the left if they are, once again, rejected by voters. Perhaps that isn’t the most traditional of motivations for voting but, like I said, this is not a normal election.

To defeat the liberal mob you first have to understand how it was created and how it is manipulated and controlled. Order a copy of my book, “Outrage, INC.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood,” to understand how the political left manipulates unsuspecting Americans to the point that they’d believe their lies and act on them. Don’t take my word for it, take the words of Mark LevinAnn CoulterDavid LimbaughDana LoeschDan BonginoMichelle MalkinBen ShapiroKurt Schlichter, and countless others. 


And don’t forget to subscribe to Derek’s daily podcast, it’s free! Together they’ll help stay sane and just might help you deprogram friends and family who’ve fallen prey to the mob mentality. 

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