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Don’t Get Played; Get Woke to the Outrage Scam

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So what are we supposed to be outraged about today? There’s always something, and it’s always the worst thing in the history of ever. And it’s almost always a scam designed to manipulate you into obeying the liberal elite.


That’s the real outrage.

My friend and fellow Townhall columnist Derek Hunter has a new book out designed to help you detect and defeat this shameless grift, Outrage, Inc.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood. It’s essential reading because the sooner we can get people woke to the con, the sooner people will stop falling for this nonsense.

What's the latest? Kids in cages, separated from their moms! Oh no! That only happens to every other criminal ever. Well, every American criminal ever. Illegal alien criminals, who drag their kids through scorching deserts to break the law because their own countries are The Term That May Not Be Spoken But Trump Spoke It (which itself created a mini outrage a while ago) are, I guess, supposed to be a special kind of criminal that doesn’t get separated from his/her/xer kids upon arrest. Wait, does that sound right? Why would they be treated differently…I don’t think…STOP!

Don’t think! Get outraged! Let your feelings run free, feelings generated by pictures of kids in cages (under Obama, but shhhhhh!), by super selective Bible readings on MSNBC, and by pious Fredocons whining about how we’re better than that and oh well I never!

That’s the thing – when you’re caught in an outrage monsoon, you aren’t supposed to think. You are supposed to be infuriated, aroused, and activated, like a ravenous running zombie hungering for the virtue signaling lobe of the human brain. You are not supposed to ask questions that interrupt the narrative, like why would this particular subset of criminal get special privileges? Don’t we separate families every day when mommy (or daddy) commits a crime? Why don’t they just not come here?


Facts are the enemy when it comes to liberal policies, so they don’t want you messing with the message by bringing them up. Instead, they want you outraged, and your mind clouded with ginned-up anger, ready to do their bidding.

Someone, oh someone, please think of the children! But not about how their illegal alien parents put them in that position. Because if you start thinking too much, the truth starts to become clear. Liberals want illegal aliens in the country because they want to replace intransigent American citizens like you with pliable foreigners who won’t be so darn uppity. So, they don’t want illegal aliens to be treated like the criminals they are (because entering the country illegally is a crime) because they want to let them stay here – this is all about reinstating catch and release. So, they create a fake outrage about how these criminals are – oh no! – being treated like any other criminal so, they hope, you will demand we go back to catching and releasing them. Before the zero tolerance policy, we caught them and released them on their promise to show up at their hearing, which of course they never, ever did, thereby swelling the ranks of Replacement Americans, which liberals hope to someday amnesty (assisted by the GOP establishment saps) and turn into Democrat voters.

Talk about an outrage.

But kids in cages is only the most recent iteration of the recurring phenomenon. There are hundreds of others. Building up some sort of bogus outrage with the help of the liberal media is now standard operating procedure. Derek’s book chronicles how this obnoxious strategy came into being, tracing such Fauxtrage Classics as the climate change scam from its cheesy origins as global freezing to global warming and finally global everything.


The idea is to create a crisis, to which – surprise – the liberals hyping it have a solution. And it’s inevitably a solution that benefits the liberal elite.

How do you deal with this ploy? How do you resist the tugging of your heartstrings or the pulling at your patriotism (“Everybody hates Russians – let’s say Trump loves the Russians. And so does the NRA!”) that they employ to make you fall into line? You get woke to the scam.

Look for the indicators. Is it something that seems unreasonably horrible? Well, like something that sounds too good to be true probably is, something that sounds too bad to be true likewise is probably not true either. Does Trump ordering screaming babies to be wrenched from their innocent mommies’ arms and cast into dungeons sound pretty extreme? Yeah, because it is. And it’s a lie.

Is it something where the proposed solution benefits the liberal elite? For global warming, the answer they give to this threat THAT WE MUST ACT UPON RIGHT THIS MINUTE is to give liberals more power. Same with global cooling. And same with global staying the same.

Are you allowed to ask questions? If you start pointing out that maybe a good way to avoid being arrested for illegal entry and being separated from Junior is to not enter the U.S. illegally with a kid, is the response that you are a hating hater of hatred and probably a Nazi too? If they are trying to shout you down or browbeat you into silence, that’s an indicator that you’re in the midst of another Cat 5 outrage.


You can’t fool all of the people all of the time, and human beings tend to tire of constant crisis-mongering. Did you notice how most people kind of shrugged about the kids in cages thing? And did you notice how the Trump administration hasn’t stopped locking up illegals and recognizing Get Out of Jail Free Kids?

That’s how you deal with Outrage, Inc. You ignore it, and watch it sputter and fade away.

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