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The Righteous Rage of the Right

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Conventional wisdom tells us the party not in control of the White House is set to lose seats in Congress in an administration’s first mid-term election. But conventional wisdom assured us Hillary Clinton would be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, not wearing old drapes from the '70s and whining about how the country is full of monsters who voted for Donald Trump, so what the Hell do they know? It turns out, not much.


Since January polls have been predicting a major electoral victory for Democrats. The “generic ballot” question has favored them significantly all year. But polls in January, February, or any other time mean nothing when it comes to November.

I was always going to vote, even if there’s no race where I live to get excited about here in deep blue Maryland where our moderate Republican governor should win reelection handily but Democrats will dominate everywhere else. Still, I was going to go through the motions and “do my civic duty.”

Now, after witnessing how disgusting the political left have become in their attempted character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, I would crawl over flaming broken glass into a salt and lemon juice pit to vote against every Democrat I can. And I’m not alone.

I don’t know if Democrats realize what they’ve done, what they’ve awoken in their crusade against Kavanaugh, but I can assure you that conservatives are awake now, ready and enthusiastic to register their disgust at the ballot box. Even never-Trump Republicans have come home, outraged over what our politics have devolved into in the name of “progress.”

Democrats are the party of rage for the sake of emotional manipulation. As I laid out in my book, they have nothing else to offer - they can’t talk openly about their policy prescriptions because the American people would reject them. Their only option is to try to scare the Hell out of their voters. Vote Democrat or Republicans will destroy the planet, or you’re supporting racism, homophobia, police have declared open season on young black men, etc., etc. You’ve heard it all before.


Keeping people angry and afraid is a powerful motivating force for anyone, especially liberals. They tend to start sentences with “I feel” rather than “I think.” And a person in the midst of an emotional frenzy rarely acts rationally. That’s what the left has been counting on.

What they didn’t count on is the resolve of Brett Kavanaugh to stand up to their gestapo tactics. An unnamed Democratic Senator told The Hill newspaper, “I just had a conversation with a colleague who said they couldn’t believe he hasn’t dropped out yet.”

That’s what they were counting on – that they could slime Kavanaugh to the point that he would say it’s not worth it and he’d walk away. But they’ve already damaged everything he has that they could – his teaching job at Harvard is gone, his ability to lead a normal life is diminished, his reputation has been slandered, his wife and children threatened. He’ll be damned if he’s going to walk away and give them his dignity too. Like he said in his testimony, “You may defeat me in the final vote, but you’ll never get me to quit.”

Thank God he has that resolve. You don’t get as far as he has in life without it. His children are benefiting from seeing their father stand up to bullies and fraud, liars and scumbags. And so will mine, the second of which could come at any time (due the 8th), and so will yours.

I and others have already explored how each of these supposed “allegations” against him are garbage, falling apart on a daily basis the longer anyone bothers to actually look into them. And how Democrats keep moving the goalposts, changing their demands to avoid dealing with the failures of the previous day’s smears.


And in me, the whole time, and in many of you who I’ve heard from, growing every new day is an overwhelming sense of revulsion against those politicians and journalist cowards perpetrating this con, and a sense of loathing for each and every one of them.

Democrats love to point out that Hillary won the popular vote, but she didn’t win a majority. Her husband never won a majority of the popular vote either. The people who elected Donald Trump, and the Republican voters who swore they’d never support him, are being mobilized by the very people who have the most to lose by kicking this sleeping giant.

To paraphrase Nathan Hale, I only regret that I have but one vote to cast for my country. And I’m going to cast it against every Democrat on the ballot. And millions of others who may not have otherwise done so will cast theirs now too, thanks to what we’ve watched in horror these past few weeks.

So thank you, Judge Kavanaugh, for your character and courage. And thank you, Democrats, for reminding us who you’ve become, who you really are, and just how far you’ll sink to obtain power. See you in November.

PS: Fence-sitting Republicans worried about your reelection in 2020 and being coy about whether or not you’ll vote for Kavanaugh, we’re watching you too. If you end up voting like a Democrat on something as important as this, you might as well just be replaced by one. At least then we won’t have to worry about friendly fire coming down our own trench.


PPS: As I mentioned, daughter number 2 is due at any moment. That’s why I’ll pitch my book again. Pick up a copy, you’ll like it, you’ll laugh, you’ll learn how to spot and expose liberal bias to your friends who don’t see it, and you’ll help me feed my kids. It’s called, “Outrage, INC.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood.” Thanks!

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