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Refugees are the new black. They’re the new Hansel – they’re so hot right now.

Liberals love them more than their own children, and certainly more than Americans not in their families. The most common argument made by leftists in support of opening the doors of the country to those fleeing failed states is “we have a moral obligation to do so.” But do we?


First, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note the irony of those who spent the last few decades lecturing us on how you “can’t legislate morality” when it comes to issues such as abortion now arguing that you can’t legislate it, but you can mandate it.

Putting that aside, what do we owe people from war-torn areas of the world, particularly those controlled by an enemy we are currently fighting? Actually, nothing.

Yes, we are fighting ISIS side-by-side with the Iraqi military and Syria rebels, with the Iraqis and Syrians carrying the lion’s share of the load. But the United States is fighting to stop an enemy that has killed relatively few Americans and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and even more Syrians. They aren’t doing us a favor; we are doing them one.

Because it happens to be in our national security interest to fight ISIS does not change the fact that it’s in their interest as well. That is not “nothing,” as some claim we would be doing if President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration were to stand.

All that would happen is people who’ve already fled war zones would not be able to resettle here for a short period of time while we figure out how to ensure they are who they say they are and they don’t pose a threat to Americans. The political left is more than willing to ignore that reality in the name of blackening the eye of the president.


How else to explain how they deliberately ignore what we are doing to help these people? Or to describe how they willfully mislead the American people, particularly the useful idiot mobs turning up at airports, that these refugees are not flying directly from places such as Aleppo?

To watch the nightly news or hear leftists talk, you’d swear there were “huddled masses” in the Aleppo International Airport bomb shelter and smoking lounge just waiting for their flight to start boarding. No, they are already gone.

Refugees are already out of the country, physically safe from the war, and in refugee camps throughout the region. They need to be “rescued” from discomfort, not war.

The problem, which President Trump tried to address, is we have no idea who they are and many of them can’t prove who they are. Syria, in particular, isn’t a functioning nation anymore; its refugees can’t obtain proof of who they are or whether they have a criminal record or ties to radical Islamic groups.

To paraphrase our national security experts – you can’t check people’s backgrounds against nothing, and all we have is nothing.

Well, we have a little more than nothing – we have their word. But that’s pretty much it. Liberals would rather take the unverifiable word of these people than the president, and would rather potentially put your life at risk than give him any sort of victory.


Once refugees are here, they’re pretty much here. They’re under no obligation to return to their country once the conflict ends. Many choose to, but they’re free to stay and avail themselves of our social services, etc. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you know who’s on that plane before it takes off.

We can’t.

I wonder if any of these liberal politicians fighting so hard for people who aren’t American would be willing to sign a waiver assuming criminal and financial responsibility should any refugees granted admittance as a result of their actions commit an act of terror. Somehow I doubt it.

As these brief-filing blowhards celebrate each temporary victory, it’s important to keep in mind what they’re fighting for…and it’s not you. They want to hurt the president, which they’re free to do. But if their political score-settling puts American lives at risk, it will be important to remember come the next election. We’ll owe them and have a moral obligation to take it out on them at the ballot box.

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