Losing Our Sovereignty

Posted: Jun 19, 2014 12:01 AM

Look, murders happen. We can’t stop them, and we spend a lot of resources trying to prevent them and punish those who commit them. This money would be better spent on other things, such as education, than trying to stop what is going to happen anyway. Think of the children who can be educated, or fed, by the money we’re wasting trying to stop what we can’t stop.

In addition to an inability to stop future murders, we have to remove the stigma unfairly attached to those who’ve done what we’ve failed to stop in the past. The term “murderer” is a term of shame and of judgment. Who are we to judge those who were simply seeking a better world for themselves and their families?

To call someone a “murderer” dehumanizes them and makes it easier to treat them differently, to deny them their freedom and the right to vote. They aren’t “murderers,” they’re un-non-killing-Americans.

Were it not for the luck of the circumstances of our births, our upbringings and the choices we made, any one of us could be murderers, too. And, when you think of the history of the United States, we’re a nation of murderers, so really, who are we to judge?

Prison gates should be opened, and un-non-killing-Americans who pay a fine and promise not to kill again ought to be welcomed into society. Think of the money we’d save on housing and health care alone. Plus, un-non-killing-Americans would add to the economy, come out from the prisons and pay taxes – benefitting everyone.

It’s win-win, and the Chamber of Commerce supports it, so there you go…

That is pretty much the argument for no longer using the accurate “illegal alien” term for the “undocumented” tripe – as if this all was a matter of some form not being filled out properly. This, and tales of families being reunited and whatnot are pretty much the extent of arguments put forth by amnesty activists on both sides of the aisle. All of these arguments are emotional, and none of them should matter.

The Obama administration, which just a few years ago took Arizona to court to stop it from committing the sin of actually trying to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, claims to be powerless to stop an unfettered influx of illegals flooding across the Mexican border. Of course, the administration saying it can’t stop the flood is like someone who’s never tried asparagus refusing to eat it – they’ve never tried it and never had any intention of trying it, but their mind is made up anyway.

The president has flung open the southern border to the point that, for all intents and purposes, it does not exist. Tens of thousands, soon to be hundreds of thousands, of illegal aliens are streaming over the border like the zombies in World War Z poured over walls of Jerusalem.

Democrats, and many Republicans, welcome this horde with open arms, food, shelter, health care, lawyers, and, eventually, the hope of citizenship. American sovereignty is an afterthought, if thought of at all.

So brazen have amnesty advocates become that the White House welcomed 10 illegal aliens to be honored as “Champions of Change” this week. But the White House is not foolish. The recipients weren’t chosen at random, they were chosen carefully.

All of the presidential honorees have attended or are attending college and are working in professional settings. This is to give the false impression that the people streaming across the border are just a few credits shy of a Ph.D. or have backpacks full of venture capital ready to start businesses. That’s not the case.

The reality is the people currently stretching shelters and military bases to capacity are uneducated, non-English speaking children and adults who add nothing but headcount to the economy. Many are sick, and none bring anything of value to the country, at least now.

This nation has 10 million unemployed citizens; it’s really our only growth industry in the Obama economy. Adding 11 million to 30 million more, either as guest workers or citizens, won’t magically create enough jobs for them all. So why tear down the border? Votes, obviously.

Uneducated, non-English-speaking masses will be overwhelmingly dependent on government, so they’ll vote for Democrats. That large of an influx of low-skilled workers will keep wages artificially low, which is what the Chamber of Commerce wants and is why so many Republicans support it. They know it’s not good for the country. But it’s good for them, so to hell with the country.

We’re told they can’t all be deported because there are too many of them. But the people telling us this are the same people who sit on their hands as thousands more pour into the country every day. They promise to secure the border after we grant amnesty to those here already, which is like a junkie promising to enter rehab after just one more fix. To hell with them.

We can’t afford to be the world’s life raft, especially while our economy is leaking air. Call me heartless, call me mean, I don’t give a damn – we need to seal the border and enforce current law, which includes deporting illegal aliens who come into contact with law enforcement. Prove to me you’re willing to enforce current law and we can talk about new laws. Don’t, and may you all suffer the same fate as Eric Cantor.