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I’ve sat by and watched progressives attack our liberties, our Constitution and our way of life for long enough. No more.

For too long, conservatives have been content to sit on what we call the high ground while the Left racks up small victory after small victory until all we have left is the high ground under our butts. Enough.


They go after Rush Limbaugh, and conservatives say, “This is an outrage,” but do nothing. The most extreme, racist left-wing groups contact advertisers and sponsors and pressure them to abandon shows and networks that made them. And too often – and far too quickly in a lot of cases – the advertisers cave. If not for their spots on Rush’s show, I never would have heard of Angie’s List, Carbonite or many others who’ve bought into the faux anger the astroturf pros drummed up.

I’ve used ProFlowers in the past but never again. There are plenty of other options for sending flowers, just as there are options for every sponsor who sides with the Left.

Normally conservatives say, “I don’t support boycotts, but I’m never going to use company X again,” and have done with it. No more.

I am asking you to join me in never, EVER using any product or service from ANY company that sides with or caves under pressure from those who seek to silence us. And avoid any company that supports their hate-machine monetarily.

We learned this week that Color of Change, the race-based progressives group funded by George Soros and founded by communist/truther Van Jones, pressured Coca-Cola into abandoning the Left’s latest boogeyman – the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC helps draft voter ID laws throughout the country. That’s what it does – create model legislation, on request, to help state lawmakers.


But requiring a photo ID to vote is akin to Jim Crow laws, according to politicians and pundits dependent upon race-motivated voting. So it must be stopped. Voting is so fundamental, so important a right, we simply can’t try to protect the integrity of the vote by asking those who would participate for something they need for almost all of life’s important transactions.

If Color of Change and Democrats truly were concerned about people being “disenfranchised,” they would be worried about all the other ways people can be disenfranchised in society if they don’t have a photo ID. And they’d help those people get a photo ID so they could travel, deal with a bank, enter the Justice Department building, etc.  But they don’t give a damn about people beyond using them as props or milking them for votes.

When I found out this week Arby’s and Walgreens joined the boycott of Rush, I vowed never to patronize them again. Although me not patronizing them means nothing, us not patronizing them might.

Our individuality has been weaponized against us because the Left and the companies who pull their ads from Rush know we don’t engage in boycotts. It’s time we change that, or we will keep losing ground and eventually lose our voices.


Traditionally, Arby’s had nothing to fear by giving conservatives the finger. Why else would a company known for roast beef make the mistake of siding with the party of PETA and vegans? It’s time to give them something to fear. There are plenty of other sandwich joints around, roast beef isn’t rare, just as there are other pharmacies. If they want to side with those who view our thoughts as something to avoid, something to silence, why should we give them a dime?

If we make an example of companies that side with fascists against liberty, others will take notice and fewer will cave to fascism.

Thankfully, in their bravado and desire to fundraise by showing how effective they are, these fascists compiled a list of companies who’ve chosen their side over the consumers who’ve made them viable companies. Note this list and avoid.

I’m not angry with the progressives. They’re fascists, and this is what fascists do. I’m angry with the companies who are more than happy to take our money, then side with those who seek to silence us. Well, no more.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Fascism is such a nasty word!” Well, it is. But it’s also accurate.  They prefer to call themselves “progressives” now, but that’s like calling someone a kid at 14 and an adult at 21 – they’re still the same person.


Progressives are the embarrassed children of fascism who changed their name solely because Hitler used it. But a name change is all it is. They still share the same philosophy, concepts of the role of government and, all too often, hatred of Jews.

We can no longer sit back and simply take comfort in the virtue of our ideals. We risk losing too much. It’s time to stop feeding the beasts who side against us and with those who seek to silence or intimidate us. Only when siding with fascists starts to hurt their bottom line will they stop doing it.


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