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It's hard to believe we twice elected a president who refuses to defend the United States. I think people who used to dismiss our criticism of President Obama as extreme are now realizing just how naive they were.


On the morning before the ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris, Obama was bragging that ISIS is contained. Are you kidding me? Even before the attacks everyone knew ISIS was on the march and couldn't possibly be contained. What have you done to contain them, by the way? And why are we even talking about "containment" instead of wholesale destruction of a known enemy? What is Obama's strategy?

He obviously has no strategy, because he refuses to recognize we're at war. The truth is that Obama is willfully blinded by his warped ideology, to which he has far more allegiance than the United States. No matter what evidence, facts or reality indicate, Obama will reject them if they don't conform to his worldview and his distorted perceptions.

He doesn't believe we are in a war against ISIS. He insists ISIS doesn't represent the religion of Islam, a religion for which he has obvious sympathy dating back to his early childhood. He won't even take ISIS' word for it.

Obama thinks that if we utter the term "Islam," "Islamist," or "Muslim" within 30 paragraphs of the term "terrorism," we are going to incite millions of otherwise peace-loving Muslims to violence.

Hmm. Does anyone, anywhere, any time think any Christians would respond in violence if you insulted them? I didn't think so.

Obama, John Kerry and everyone else associated with this recklessly confused administration refuse to say Islamists were responsible for the terrorist attacks in Boston. Now they are refusing to say they are responsible for Paris. They choose to see them as random acts of violence and "violent extremism."


All the Democratic presidential candidates are on the same page, intentionally ignorant -- no, actually deceitful about the connection to Islamism. The Paris attacks were performed by organized, violent, Jihadi, Islamic terrorists.

When asked about this bizarre blindness on the part of the president and now seemingly all Democrats, Hillary Clinton chose not to distance herself from the administration's insanity but to embrace it, even double down on it. She would not utter the name of that religion. We do not want to infuriate millions more Muslims.

Well, if 95 percent of Muslims are peaceful wouldn't they join us in condemning these murders by Islamists? Do they think for a second that rational people aren't associating global terrorism with their religion? Isn't the burden on peaceful Muslims to demonstrate to us how much they abhor what is going on in the name of their religion? The numbers of Islamist terrorist attacks around the globe are staggering. Every other day we're hearing about a new one, and it's almost always from Islamists, so to say there isn't something in that religion -- or how millions interpret it, anyway -- leading people to violence just doesn't square with our common sense and our daily observations.

If we don't identify our enemy we cannot develop a strategy to defeat it. But worse, if we don't even recognize we're in a war then we most certainly won't fight, much less win, the war.


Of course we don't believe all Muslims or even the majority are violent, but the overwhelming percentage of terrorist acts around the globe are being committed by people who claim the mantle of that religion, and ISIS undoubtedly does. It is hurting us not to be realistic about that.

We've already seen the life-and-death consequences of this administration's conscious paranoia about calling Islamism by its name. This politically correct insanity was responsible for our failure to investigate Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan's known connections to violent Islamist ideas, and that failure arguably resulted in the deaths of thirteen people.

Obama's apparent non-strategy is to be patient and allow other nations to do what they will but to tiptoe softly so as not to offend Muslims everywhere, including his new bestie, the Iranian regime.

I'm not saying we shouldn't engage in the ideological battles and try to win hearts and minds, but we're not going to defeat ISIS without engaging them militarily -- aggressively. The more victories they achieve, by the way, the more recruits they acquire, so good luck with the sweet-talking.

Obama insists on treating ISIS as a criminal cartel to be prosecuted rather than an Islamist nation-state marching toward a global caliphate.

While leaders of France and the rest of the world heard this sobering wake-up call in Paris and have resolved to join together to obliterate ISIS in an "all-out war," Obama indignantly informs us that nothing he's doing will change. How dare anyone question his policy or blame him for mischaracterizing the strength of ISIS, having no strategy to defeat them and not even recognizing that they are a bona fide enemy.


Americans are trembling in rage and disbelief as they watch this dangerously narcissistic commander in chief show no passion for defending the United States but gush with emotion over the prospect of dumping 10,000 Syrian refugees in our land without proper security screening. We see photos of him with Russian thug President Vladimir Putin and think to ourselves, "I hope Putin will talk some sense into him about ISIS."

What a surreal time we are living in. What an age of presidential denial. God help us.

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