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It’s Hillary for President Time of Year Again

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It happens every year. Just like Halloween. And it’s just as scary.

Former first lady, former senator, former secretary of state and former failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is again proclaimed as the savior of the Democratic Party and the obvious standard bearer in the upcoming presidential election.


This time the chatter has started from the musty editorial rooms of Wall Street Journal of all places with Democrats Douglas Schoen and Andrew Stein choosing the conservative periodical to herald the third coming of Lady Hillary. 

“A perfect story in the Democratic Party is making a once-unfathomable scenario plausible: a political comeback for Hillary Clinton in 2024.”

The two go on to explain that while Clinton may be a well-used political commodity, she is absolutely pristine when compared with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, neither of whom have been able to come up for air in months, having quite intentionally dismantled everything about America that was working so well under former President Trump, including a secure border, a strong foreign policy and energy independence. 

But as far as the Clintons are concerned, the word “unfathomable” should never be used in the same sentence with either Bill or Hillary, two political con artists who have managed to abuse the political system and evade justice their entire lives. Hillary received nothing but a reprimand for using a private email server for her secretary of state correspondence and blithely walked away from the Benghazi fiasco with her usual air of detachment and entitlement. And Bill? He may have narrowly missed being tossed out of the presidency by the Senate after being impeached by the House but he has smirked his way through multiple rape charges and has somehow avoided being implicated in any of the sexual atrociites linked to Jeffrey Epstein, including taking 26 trips on his pedophile friend’s “Lolita Express” private airplane  to the infamous “Pedophile Island.”


Even Prince Andrew hasn’t been able to escape scrutiny from the Epstein scandal but Bill just keeps smiling and laughing – presumably all the way to the next bordello.

So, is Hillary a serious choice in 2024? As strange and as odious as it might seem, the woman who labeled an entire sector of the electorate as “deplorables” might be well positioned to win the Democratic primary in 2024 and at least face off with her Republican challenger. But with the approval ratings that Biden and Harris are now experiencing, the Democrats might as well put Lyndon Johnson on the ballot and explain that he would communicate via psychic medium.

Harris has spent her entire career telling herself and others that she is gifted, superlative and entitled to be president. Unfortunately for her, the voters don’t agree. She was allowed to ascend to the level of senator but any further advancement had a portent of disaster. She ran a laughably awful presidential campaign in 2020, best known for eviscerating her future running mate Joe Biden as an anti-busing racist and then hurriedly selling a related t-shirt on her campaign website by the next morning. To describe her vice presidential term thus far as desultory would be kind. Harris is the sort of politician who couldn’t find the lady’s room without an escort and she has assiduously avoided fulfilling any of the duties that the hapless Biden has attempted to foist upon her. Upon being appointed something of a border czar, Harris decided to do her version of lightning diplomacy and supposedly sought to ferret out the roots of illegal immigration by visiting countries like Guatemala where she was greeted with signs to go home and “Trump won.”


Her annoying habit of laughing at the most inappropriate times has made her a laughingstock and she always seems to be saying, “Can you really take me seriously?”

What about Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg you might ask? Aside from taking off for a month of paternity at the height of the supply chain crisis, Buttigieg is a former mayor of a South Bend, Indiana who is remembered more for his sexual orientation than for anything he did to reduce crime or repair the potholes in the streets. As a cabinet member he has adopted the woke vocabulary and equated almost everything person, place or thing to racism. He actually makes Kamala Harris sound eloquent.

There are usually a host of governors waiting in the wings to replace an unpopular president but this gaggle of incompetents and hypocrites could actually compete with Biden lunacy. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) might embody how Democratic state chief executives have behaved during the COVID-19 pandemic, insisting on mandatory vaxxing, ubiquitous masking and economic shutdowns while they go on enjoying their privileged lives far from the groans of the masses. The New York Times might have dismissed Newsom’s party at the Napa Valley French Laundry restaurant but for mainstreet voters it makes him just another pandemic pariah.


Never mind that he’s also governing a state that is imploding from crime, homelessness and overtaxation. America already has that with Biden.

But as bizarre as it may seem, Clinton may have been emboldened to run again by a most unusual source: conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson who actually found some soothing words to say about Clinton during a segment with pundit Candace Owens in which the two discussed the growing unpopularity of Kamala Harris.

On the Oct. 11, 2021 edition of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host may have provided Clinton with just the threadbare lifeline that she needed to find sufficient encouragement to continue her political dream. 

“She leaves you pining for the authentic maternal warmth of Hillary Clinton,” Carlson said.“I mean, it’s that bad,” adding that Harris is “daring you to watch her without vomiting. I mean, she’s literally that phony.”

Owens agreed and said that Harris “genuinely resents being subordinate to [President Joe] Biden” and shows no interest in doing her job.

Sadly, the same can be said about the entire cast of the Biden administration. Nobody appears to be gainfully employed or doing a job of any positive consequence. 

Which is why Hillary, as horrendous as she has always been, might well appear to be an eager example of rejuvenation for a Democratic Party where mediocrity is as good as it gets.


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