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I am a Hispanic woman whose family fled Communist Cuba in order to give their children a better future. Like so many others, my family fled brutal repression in favor of America's freedom and prosperity. Conservative Republican policies are by far best-suited to protect that American freedom for generations to come – our values of faith, freedom, and family connect with the broader Hispanic community. Unfortunately, Democrats cannot say the same.


Joe Biden’s failure to understand the needs of our Hispanic communities has been clear since the campaign trail. Hispanics do not need a “leader“ who patronizes us playing “Despacito” at a rally while delivering a speech with empty promises. We need leaders who will provide tangible solutions that will help our families and businesses thrive as they did during the Trump administration.

In merely 8 months, Biden has stifled the economic recovery he inherited and reversed policies that were helping Hispanic Americans. His failed leadership is evident to all. He has enabled policies that have sent our cost-of-living skyrocketing. He has failed to shut down COVID. And he has failed to secure our borders.

Abroad, Biden’s total lack of leadership also undermines the cause of freedom around the world – look no further than 90 miles off our coast. While the Cuban people risked their lives by fighting to liberate themselves from the communist Castro regime, Biden’s Cuban-born Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told Cubans they will “not be permitted to enter the United States.”  He did not pledge unwavering support to Cubans. Instead, he failed to continue the Trump administration’s hardline policy toward the Castro regime. This is not surprising, since Biden’s Democrat Party welcomes socialists and socialist policies. 

At home, we see everything is more expensive in Biden’s America. Hispanics have been particularly vulnerable to economic hardship during the pandemic. In fact, 62% of Hispanics say they have experienced financial hardships during the pandemic. Biden’s plan? Spend $3.5 trillion on his and Democrats’ socialist spending spree. That is the equivalent of $27,000 in new spending for every household in America. 


Biden’s response to COVID-19 is no different than his failed policies on the economy. Biden promised to shut down the virus – he failed. Now, Biden is forcing vaccines through an unconstitutional, un-American federal decree on businesses and families. His speech was dark and divisive, pitting Americans against one another. He demonized minority groups, who disproportionately account for unvaccinated Americans – 48% of Hispanic Americans have taken the vaccine, compared with 52% of White Americans. Biden continued his assault by stating, “This is not about freedom or personal choice.” As many Hispanics have experienced firsthand, authoritarian decrees do not work. Freedom matters and Joe Biden threatening our individual freedoms will not stand. 

However, Biden’s unconstitutional decrees do not apply to the influx of illegal migrants at the southern border. Chaos has ensued at the border ever since Biden reversed Trump’s border policies. As illegal immigrants continue to pour into communities across the U.S., the Biden administration has essentially abandoned local governments. The Mayor of McAllen, Texas, a majority Hispanic community, says the border crisis is a health and safety problem for America and complained that his city has “no authority to stop them.” Republicans believe in the rule of law, but Joe Biden doesn’t. As a result, Biden’s crisis has allowed human trafficking and drug trafficking to run rampant across our southern border. It has also unleashed a crisis of COVIDillicit drugs, and crime into many Hispanic communities along the border.  


Biden’s authoritarian decrees, socialist policies, and failed decisions are not what Hispanic Americans believe in. We choose freedom, not socialism. We want security and opportunity. We believe in hard work, and we value family and faith – not its destruction.

Danielle Alvarez is the communications director at the RNC.

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