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We now know what Donald Trump’s immigration plan looks like, after a strong primetime speech and a historic visit to Mexico. That’s more than we can say about Hillary Clinton’s immigration plan. Or, for that matter, her proposals for the economy or any other points she has bounced around in campaign conversation. 

After being ridiculed by both the current and former presidents of Mexico and after being embroiled in name-calling and sharp disagreements on immigration, how many politicians today would travel to Mexico to sit with that president and have a very presidential conversation?

I would submit to you that we have politicians who have no leadership skills and no backbone, and as we have seen, this is a disastrous combination for the people of America. Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico and his speech in Arizona should reinforce why the American people are so ready for Trump. He is not a politician, and America is sick and tired of polished politicians.

Some will argue that Trump has softened his immigration stance a bit, but I would argue that it’s more solidified than ever. We have more detail—and conviction—than we did four months ago.

Realistically, how many will disagree that criminals who are here illegally shouldn’t be deported? Not to mention that, under Trump’s economic plan, legal immigration will be more important than ever. We will need people who are willing to work toward their own prosperity and who are willing to work to see the American economy grow.

A Thriving Economy

Hopefully, under Trump’s economic plan, we will witness a thriving economy, one that needs both skilled and unskilled laborers—an economy where workers are paid a fair wage and where people can seize a piece of the opportunity available to them in the United States of America.

What the left fails to do is keep the conversation centered on the word “illegal.” It reminds me of the day we decided it was politically incorrect to call China “Communist China.” No longer do we identify this dictatorial, oppressive regime for what it is.

This PC policy on China is one of many reasons I, too, am sick and tired of politicians refusing to call things as they are. Maybe their ideological blinders don’t allow this uncluttered, unclouded vision. I hope this is not the case. Still, we have raised up so many spineless leaders, both in the corporate world and in politics, that Republican Party elites can’t stomach someone who doesn’t conduct themselves with the flair of British royalty.

After all, this would be the only thing that would fit with what they believe is right for America. They are perfectly OK with Hillary Clinton becoming president because Donald Trump doesn’t quite fit that royalty mold. These elitists have total disregard for the American people and just can’t bring themselves to embrace what might be right for our citizens.

Necessary Convictions

Can someone please tell the royal elitist never-Trumpers that the primaries are over and either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump—with his immigration policy, economic policy and conservative Supreme Court justices—will be president? And to stop pretending that a non-vote for Trump is not a vote for Hillary Clinton?

It’s safe to say that most people agree that we must secure our borders and take whatever steps are necessary to do so. It’s difficult to agree on secure borders without realizing that Donald Trump is the only candidate that has the spine, conviction and love for America to do what is necessary.

Granted, some don’t believe that Trump’s plan for immigration is the right plan for America. The same people are likely to support the idea of “sanctuary cities” and the idea that criminals should be allowed to live here illegally without the threat of being deported or jailed. For that matter, they don’t believe it’s in America’s best interest to have a legal process by which people are allowed to enter this country—like it’s been for the last 150 years.

Growing the Economy

If the above describes where you are, then vote for Hillary Clinton. After all, you may believe that a Trump administration will negatively impact the economy. But it can’t get much worse than it is under current conditions. Wages are decreasing, a 2 percent growth in Gross Domestic Product is the norm, the poverty rate has increased steadily for the past seven years, and inner-city youth unemployment has been in the high teens since 2008.

Still, if you like the status quo, an Obama/Clinton lack of immigration policy will be just fine. However, in an administration where conditions are changing, the economy is thriving, jobs are plentiful, a living wage is possible, and prosperity is an opportunity for every American, legal immigration will be not only plentiful but necessary.

This is where Trump’s plans for immigration and the economy can take us. This is not just about immigration—it’s just one piece of an overall plan that will be about confidence in business, the opportunity for businesses to expand and grow, and where the government creates opportunity and an environment for growth instead of stagnation.

If we are wise, we will choose the path toward growth. With Trump’s proposal, America can thrive under both an immigration policy and an economic plan that will support the statements he shared with the country last night.

Clinton offers neither. No detail, no conviction, no truth.

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