Who's the Fairest GOP Candidate in the Land?

Posted: Dec 19, 2011 4:43 PM

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest GOP candidate of the them all? This seems to be the daily battle being fought in the news media. By the looks of things, I’d say Gingrich is the fairest in the land. His lead in pollsmay explain the Washington Post running multiple articles daily tearing down his candidacy despite the fact Republican voters favor Gingrich over Mitt Romney as their guy. The tearing down of Gingrich by the left wing media makes you wonder if this is a one big set for Republicans to lose in 2012 if Romney is our nominee.

(Washington Post’s December 14th edition ran these negative leaning articles on Newt: The disrupter, Revisionist History, blah, blah, blah!)

The reason why Gingrich is “surging” in the polls is he’s the last man standing in this race who conservatives believe can actually lead this country out of the morass it’s in and beat Barack Obama. In every single debate, Gingrich has proven he is up for the job of president. He conveys conviction, passion and fearlessness for the job whether talking about how he will reform entitlements like Social Security or tackle our thorny subjects like the Middle East, Iran or our so-called frienemies like Pakistan.

While Gingrich may speak forcefully at times on topics like the Palestinians supported terrorism against Israel and being an invented people, he has the guts to give voice to what many Americans are thinking. While conservatives may not agree 100% with everything Newt says, they are gravitating toward his candidacy because he exudes leadership something sorely lacking in Romney.

No matter how hard the so-called Republican establishment, including the likes of George Will or conservative publications like the National Review anoints Romney as the GOP’s inevitable candidate, conservative voters are rejecting his candidacy. The trouble with Romney is he’s too busy trying to be the perfect candidate, as Wall Street Journal reporter Peggy Noonan described, that is passion for the job is failing to break through.

As far as Gingrich’s baggage is concerned, I don’t think his three marriages or consulting work with Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae is troubling voters, who keep flocking to his candidacy because he’s a credible candidate. In contrast, few if any in the Republican establishment are talking about Romney’s baggage. Yes, Romney has baggage. Romney and his fellow Bain Capital alums made handsome profits bankrupting companies and killing jobs. Mr. Clean Mitt looks a lot like a rich guy, who thinks he’s owed the job of president because he comes from a political family and failed at nabbing the GOP nomination in 2008. Never mind his failed Senate bid against Ted Kennedy in 1994.

Many from the news media to Republican Party leaders love to wax on about Romney’s seemingly calm demeanor and moderate political position. As the battle wears on between Romney and Gingrich, Americans are beginning to see Mitt the Cool come unglued a little during recent debates. Perhaps as this contest draws out, Mitt will be forced to reveal his true self to Americans rather than his stage persona because Americans don’t need moderation, we need leadership.