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America Beware—Adam Schiff Represents a Sign of the Times

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A nation’s decline is usually best evaluated after the fact by historians. From this position of hindsight, the sequence of events is fairly straightforward. Whenever the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of man, anarchy follows and tyranny is the ultimate result. But rarely do those actually experiencing this sequential cultural transition fully appreciate what they are witnessing before it is too late.


Something that today may well be the case in America, as evidenced by the continued political viability our mainstream media and its brainwashed liberal audience are gleefully affording to the machinations of unscrupulous pathological prevaricators like Adam Schiff. Such amoral people are both the byproduct and beneficiary of the anarchy produced when our regard for truth dies and the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of man. The enforcement of our laws has now become politicized to enable those who obtain power—like Schiff—to dictate to whom our laws shall be applied and to whom they shall not. How else can one explain the rapid-fire arrest, indictment, prosecution, and conviction of people like General Flynn and Roger Stone when compared to the absolute immunity from prosecution enjoyed by others—like Hillary Clinton—to whom no laws seem to apply?

This very dystopia of lawlessness has enabled people like Schiff and his allies to foment any seditious plot they deem necessary to advance what is now acknowledged by most thinking human beings to be nothing less than a blatant coup d'état by which they are attempting to overthrow a duly elected president who had the temerity to use the democratic process to defeat the mother of their corruption in 2016. As a result, for the last three years America has been compelled by these lawless anarchists to endure everything from Antifa and sanctuary cities to Stormy Daniels and Mueller’s fraudulent investigation of a Russian hoax. All of which has contributed to bringing us as a nation to the full-blown anarchy that today is only thinly disguised as an “impeachment inquiry.”


In one sense, these proceedings are nothing other than the latest incarnation of the seditious coup virus that has infected—and thus hindered—Trump’s presidency from its inception. But this particular reincarnation of that virus has now been allowed to mutate into a strain that may very well threaten the continued life of our democracy if not quickly eradicated. Under the leadership of Schiff and his allies, the “inquiry” is premised on a clever—yet perverse—legal machination by which proponents of the coup—like Schiff—are hoping to insulate themselves from any future accountability for their misdeeds.

In essence—according to Schiff’s view of the world—no crimes committed by any political opponent of the president—like, say, Joe Biden, his son Hunter, Hillary, or even Schiff himself—may be even mentioned by the president or his administration, much less investigated or prosecuted. According to Schiff, that would be an intentional attempt by the president to disrupt our democratic process by misusing the powers of his office to threaten and intimidate his political opponents. Which, according to Schiff, would constitute a high crime or misdemeanor for which the president must be impeached and removed from office.

How convenient is that for all those political opponents of the president like Schiff who have any past, present, or future complicity in the coup they’ve been attempting? Past criminals like Al Capone must be spinning in their graves, wondering if they too could have avoided prison had Schiff’s contorted legal theorem been available to them back in the day. If Capone had only run for president as a Republican, he could have had Roosevelt—a notable Democrat—impeached for having his administration look into his “political opponent’s” involvement with pesky little things like murder, racketeering, and tax evasion.


Sound absurd?

Only to those who value logic and accountability.

After all, isn’t Schiff’s “impeachment inquiry” itself an investigation of his “political opponent,” which according to Schiff’s own rule book should be viewed as tampering with our “election process,” thus constituting an abuse of his office as a member of Congress? In short, is Schiff himself not guilty of exactly the same offense for which he is seeking to have the president removed from office?

That said, what should be alarming to us all is why Schiff doesn’t care if what he’s doing is viewed by some as either absurd or hypocritical. It’s because he knows, based on recent events alone, that our nation has now reached such a state of lawless anarchy that nobody today in law enforcement at a federal level is willing to hold bad actors like him accountable for the hypocritical legal absurdities they wish to foist on the nation to overthrow the president.

To any who doubt this is the case, please note how to further their absurd plots and schemes via this “impeachment inquiry,” Schiff and his cohorts have now declared themselves entitled—i.e., empowered by virtue of their own edicts—to deny the president and all who would defend him any and all of the constitutional rights anyone accused of a crime in this country used to assume were guaranteed. You know, like the right to due process, which used to include little things like the rights of an accused to representation by legal counsel, to confront witnesses against them, and to present evidence on their own behalf. All of which Schiff and his buddies have summarily denied to the president they are prosecuting and any Republicans who might want to present any defense on his behalf.


In short, Schiff and his co-conspirators are now manifesting themselves to be examples of the very dictators the rule of man and ensuing anarchy are historically predicted to produce. That is the perspective from which all Schiff is doing to bring down the president should be viewed. Schiff may very well be a sign of the times who is offering us a foretaste of the future tyranny toward which America may well be headed unless it is somehow able to alter the downward spiral of its cultural decline soon by returning to its former place of greatness where the rule of law was once valued and enforced.

Clifford C. Nichols is an attorney licensed in both California and New Mexico. He is also the author of A Barrister’s Tales, which includes his conclusions derived from certain pivotal trials in his life. He cordially invites you to send any comments you may have regarding this or any other editorial of his directly to him at

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