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Nine years ago this week, we began to chant: "We never will forget 9/11."

Nine years later, I think too many of us have forgotten, especially those in the White House.

Islamic extremists murdered almost 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11. Who would have believed that within a decade of that tragic event, we'd have a president who believes, according to his own 2009 Cairo confession and creed, that it is part of his "responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear"? Not to mention his mission to fight for the new mosque near ground zero!

In Part 1 of this series, I began to demonstrate how President Barack Obama is using his special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Rashad Hussain, to "deepen and expand the partnerships that the United States has pursued with Muslims around the world since President Obama's speech in Cairo."

In Part 2, I detailed President Obama's real spiritual beliefs based upon a rare in-depth interview by a religious reporter for a major newspaper publication, including his beliefs about prayer, sin, heaven, the Bible and Jesus.

In Part 3, I explained how President Obama categorically has been prejudicial in his treatment against Christians and Christianity in comparison with Muslims and Islam.

In Part 4 here, I will not only expand on that case but also show how the Obama administration has changed course in just this past year regarding passing anti-First Amendment defamation of religion resolutions, exclusively benefiting Islam and its proliferation while again abandoning the principles in the U.S. Constitution.

In October 2009, the White House rightly opposed the Organization of the Islamic Conference's (an intergovernmental body of 56 Muslim countries) push for the United Nations Human Rights Council to adopt a resolution that would broadly condemn the defamation of religion (or the defamation of Islam), because it would plunder Americans' First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Hypocritically, however, as The Heritage Foundation reported, at the same time that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was publicly repudiating that U.N. Human Rights Council resolution, on Oct. 2, 2009, the Obama administration's "delegation to the 12th session of the council and OIC-member Egypt co-sponsored a resolution on freedom of opinion and expression that contains the essential elements of the resolutions on 'defamation of religions' that the U.S. opposed in the past."

And just a few months ago, on June 23, that anti-First Amendment stand was reiterated. Hussain clearly explained the new leg of Obama's Muslim mission at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars -- information, by the way, that no mainstream news agency I could find even reported. Hussain said, "The OIC and the Obama administration will work together in the U.N. on the issue of defamation of religion, especially in Europe." (Please read that again.)

Could it get any clearer? "Especially in Europe," but not excluding America or wherever else Americans reside in the world!

And why should we not believe that Obama will overstep the Constitution again by handing over the administration of defamation of religion laws to global and international powers, when he recently reported Arizona immigration laws to the U.N. as an example of a human rights violation?

The fact is Obama's Cairo pro-Muslim mission continues, and proof came again just last week. On the same day the president announced to the nation from the Oval Office that the combat mission in Iraq had ended, the Obama administration, unbeknownst to most of the country and the world, held a special workshop for 25-30 Muslim leaders from 20 national Islamic groups (under the leadership of the Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations) to provide the groups "funding, government assistance and resources."

At a time commemorating 9/11, when recent polls show that 70 percent of Americans are opposed to a ground zero mosque and 1 in 5 Americans believes President Obama is a Muslim, does he really expect that we will naively tolerate and approve of the Islamic bias in his presidential religious leadership and administration?

It's time we heed the wisdom of our fourth president, James Madison, who said, "In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself."

(It's because of our wayward and out-of-control federal government that I filmed my brand-new comical PSA, "Trigger The Vote." The hope is that we all will register to vote and clean up Washington from one side of Pennsylvania Avenue to the other. You can check it out on YouTube, under the title "Tough Like Chuck Norris," or go to http://www.TriggerTheVote.org.)

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