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Conscious Capitalism

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Progressives want to build the ultimate welfare Utopia; under Obama, they have been reminded that it will cost a lot of money and the last big honey pot are corporate balance sheets. Of course, companies should decide on pay and leave policies. The movement is known as conscious capitalism. It aims to cap profits; however, it will also cap risk, innovation, and bring the wheels of prosperity to a grinding halt.


So, Hillary is picking up the fight with an assortment of proposals that will only grease the skids to making America less competitive; and in the end, she would attempt to get the executive branch the ability to determine private company pay, bonuses, schedules, and distribution of profits. This is all a part of the greater narrative that America is just an awful place, where millions of people have the audacity to become rich and not share.

One might ask the following:

  • If paying salaries is a form of sharing

  • If paying a higher tax rate is a form of sharing

  • Are charitable contributions a form of sharing

The solution to the European-style economic system is conscious capitalism, which is oxymoronic to say the least. To get there, politicians have to insult the current system.

“We need to get businesses back looking after their employees and their customers and their country, not just their executives and their shareholders.” – Hillary Clinton

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