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Santa Rally (Hate the Phrase, Love the Move)

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Well, how do you follow up the best day of the year? With another huge day, and I abhor the term, but I’m sure the media will call this the start of the Santa Claus Rally. Bears are calling it the Yellen Rally and while there’s no doubt she has given certain investors the green light to stay long or jump on the bandwagon, the fact is, there’s news out that that should drive stocks higher. Initial jobless claims continue to drift lower, forecasting more 300,000 plus job creation months.


Last night, Oracle posted a huge earnings beat, Jabil Circuits did as well, and this morning, Rite Aid blew away consensus (I’ve been pounding the table on this name).

Don’t let down-in-the-mouth bears talk you out of owning great American companies. Stop wimping out on making money and changing your lives listening to people that sell books for a living.

Wimping Out

Just as we just started to have the most dangerous man on earth on the ropes, a determined communist dictator with one of the world's largest economies, America succumbs to two other communist dictators running dirt poor nations of suppressed dreams.

The Sony hack was a big story because it was the latest behemoth violated by with the ultimate weapons of the 21st century- a mouse and the keyboard.

The story got bigger with embarrassing revelations about how Sony executives feel about blacks, certain actors and their embarrassing executive staff.

But the big story became a bombshell when Sony decided not to release the movie that sparked the hack in the first place- The Interview.

The move has angered an interesting cross - section of America. When was the last time Donald Trump, Steve Carell, Michael Moore and Newt Gingrich were in agreement?

The bottom line, Sony threw our Constitution under the bus in an attempt to look like a victim rather than arrogant jerks that don’t practice what they preach.


Then There’s Cuba

Saying we should "cut loose the shackles of the past” President Obama capped 18 months of secret negotiations spurred in part by Pope Francis with a three for one prison swap. Three Cuban spies for Rolando Trujillo, a Cuban jailed for working for American Intelligence.

President Obama concluded that “These 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked," and “It’s time for a new approach.” (Some, including myself, would say we should apply this logic to toe war on poverty and welfare utopia.)

Just as the Sony decision forged odd alliances, critics for the Cuba deal saw quick and emotional rebukes from Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, along with Democrat Senator Robert Menendez whose statement echoed his collogues: "The president’s actions have vindicated the actions of the Castro government, virtually guaranteeing profound human rights abuses on the island will continue."

It seems to me with Russia on the ropes and with Venezuela running out of toilet paper, it was only matter of time before Cuba blinked or the people of Cuba made a stand, but Cubans are no longer a slam dunk for the GOP (see table)- so was it all really politics... Amnesty II?

President Obama brags about his limited use of executive orders, but he's issued more executive memos than any president ever and they have the same legal affect as an executive order.

  • 195 Executive Orders
  • 198 Executive Memos

Russia Stabilizing?

Russia seems to have found a bottom with oil and Vladair Putin is playing nice(r) than normal. But, the battle continues.

Stay tuned for a report on oil stocks. The price of crude oil has been improving recently, allowing oil and gas stocks to finally begin showing signs of significant improvement. Nevertheless, they still have long ways to go before reaching their former glories.

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