Why Female Gun Ownership is Up 77% Since 2005

Posted: Feb 27, 2013 12:04 PM
Why Female Gun Ownership is Up 77% Since 2005

As the number of proposed gun-control measures increase rapidly across the country, the amount of women purchasing guns is increasing even faster.

A survey conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found that 73 percent of gun dealers reported an increase in female customers in 2011, as well as the previous two years. In 2005, just 13 percent of gun owners were women. Today, that number is 23 percent--a 77 percent increase in 7 years.

While folks in the media are blaming the spike on the guns-and-glam advertising (ahem Piers Morgan), women--including myself--have a different reason: It’s self-defense, stupid.

The math isn’t surprising and the logic is simple: Women want to protect themselves and their family, and guns are the great equalizer between sexes in crimes against women. The facts are there to prove it.

Over the last ten years, as gun sales have increased, the level of crime has decreased, especially violent crime. Statistics, provided by our very own Department of Justice, show “total violent crime” in the last ten years decreased from 42.1 percent to 39.2 percent. In fact, “serious violent crime” decreased even more dramatically, down to 42.9 percent from 47.5 percent in the beginning of the decade.

Among the “serious violent crime” data is rape and sexual assault—both of which predominantly affect women. It is estimated that 1 in 5 women are a victim of sexual assault in America. But, over the last decade rape and sexual assault decreased from 26.1 percent to 24.1 percent. Robberies also decreased from 56.5 percent to 51.7 percent.

Gun sales over the last decade have jumped simultaneously. In 2000, 41 percent of households reported gun ownership. Today, that number stands at 47 percent--a 15 percent increase, the sharpest increase among women.

But, listening to liberals over the past few months you would never think the two sets of statistics were related. In fact, as we learned from Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar, liberals believe women are incapable of handling guns if they are threatened by rape. He said, “It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at.”

Apparently, we women should use call boxes, ball-point pens, whistles, buddy systems--and don’t forget urine and vomit! In fact, use whatever you want, as long as it isn’t very sharp and doesn’t have a trigger.

Let’s get real. As a young, 22-year-old, 140 lb. woman, I know that call boxes, pens, and whistles won’t do much good if ever faced with a crazed man twice my size. But when it comes to liberals—especially male politicians--it’s easy to fire off stupid solutions from ivory towers.

What frustrates these male elitists the most is that women are arming themselves, and it’s working. In fact, I would argue that women are arming themselves because guns work, and that fact is spreading like wildfire.

Piers Morgan, Joe Salazar, and the rest of these liberals should stop condescending to female gun owners. I didn’t buy my AR-15 for a certain color or because of “direct marketing.” I bought it because it will protect me from violent intruders. Any ladies out there without guns, you should too.

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