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Democrats Can’t Wait for Hillary to Lose

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"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Hillary isn't a new bride but she's hoping to cross the threshold of the White House yet again—this time as president. If she wins her party's nomination, the likelihood that even her gender or name will ascend her to the highest office in the land isn't likely. Evidence of that are the lackluster sales of her latest book and her inept presidential campaign launch.


Many Democrats can't wait for 2020 when they can run a presidential candidate they're excited about. Until then, they'll throw Hillary the "here's your last chance" bone in this unlikely third Obama term in order to remove Hillary from the limelight once and for all. Democrats know a Hillary defeat would allow the country to heal after Obama's disastrous presidency. The real work of the party will be focusing on taking the Senate in 2016, while also finding and grooming the right candidate for 2020.

Meanwhile, expect to see liberal publications like The New York Times do some Hillary bashing from time to time in hopes of enticing an Elizabeth Warren run or an Al Gore resurgence. Rest assured once the GOP primaries begin, the left-wing media will have Hillary's back no matter what, knowing she doesn't stand a chance of winning without them. Her rendezvous at Chipotle and sit-downs with political operatives last week were nothing less than abysmal. Yet you'll never know that listening to mainstream media. They'll go only so far with their criticism knowing they may not have another candidate willing to take her place.

I realize this is unconventional wisdom so let's look at this introspectively. George H.W. Bush is the only president in modern history that has won the presidency after his predecessor of the same party. He had the benefit of being branded "Ronald Reagan's third term." Unfortunately for Hillary, few are interested in having "Obama's third term." At a time when Americans are fed up with stagnant wages, a declining labor force, real unemployment at nearly 10 percent, poverty numbers increasing, real median household incomes shrinking, the dream of homeownership slipping away, unaffordable "Obamacare" healthcare, ISIS, Putin, Iran, Benghazi, the abandonment of our ally Israel and an America divided by identity politics, the race for the White House is the GOP's to lose.


A Democrat got us into this mess and America will not elect one to get us out! Despite all of this, Obama's record is the least of Hillary's worries. In a quote posted at the National Journal, Hillary focused on four areas of concern her administration would tackle if elected: "building the economy up 'tomorrow not yesterday,' strengthening families and communities, fixing the country's dysfunctional political system -- including getting 'unaccountable' money out of the system -- and protecting Americans from external threats."

Suddenly, her unfocused campaign became focused after Florida Senator Marco Rubio put her on the defense in his announcement to seek the presidency just a day prior. He effectively framed her as "a leader of yesterday." As a result, her first course of action as president she claims would be "building the economy up 'tomorrow, not yesterday.'" Besides being uninspiring no one knows what that means. In an era where Americans have endured one of its worst presidents, and arguably one of its worst Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton, we want real "Change." Today, "change we can believe in" includes a less evasive federal government with a leader Americans trust even when they don't necessarily agree with some policy.

My opening quote seems more fitting for Hillary's campaign. Her age will be a factor. Not to mention she has an "old name." Part of Obama's appeal in 2008 was that he wasn't a "Clinton!" Americans were ready to move on then and they are now. Secondly, Hillary Clinton has nothing new to offer the American people with her policies. She'd be better off operating as a centrist that could unite Americans. Instead, she has to be careful not to offend President Obama or inspire Elizabeth Warren to jump into the primary. Her ideas aren't new! They belong to Obama, Warren and all of the socialist minded leftists that preceded them. Freedom and Capitalism will always be new to dreamers around the world, as they wait in droves to escape leftist policies in their own countries.


Thirdly, borrowing operatives to "act" like average citizens who want a sit-down conversation with Hillary is indicative of how out of touch she is with everyday Americans. Voters don't want a candidate who borrows experiences for commercials! They want a leader who is acquainted with their experiences! Lastly, when considering "something blue," Americans will be reminded of the "blue dress" and all of the scandals that plagued the Clinton Administration, along with the gloomy eight years we've had under Democrat policies. One can also point to failing economic states that happen to be led by "Blue" Democrat governors.

The GOP won't have an easy presidential win in 2016. However, with a candidate that's relatable to the people, who can communicate conservative policies effectively and convince the electorate that he or she is the person that can be trusted to implement those policies, they will have an inevitable win.

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