Obama Ran Before He Crawled

Posted: May 19, 2008 12:01 AM
Obama Ran Before He Crawled

Barack Obama insisted that he was going to be the post-racial presidential candidate, the man who was going to bring us all together and make us forget our racial differences. It’s funny how that worked out. I guess he forgot to mention his master plan to his nearest and dearest.

First, let us consider his wife, Michelle. If she is, as they say, his better half, I’d sure hate to see his other half. What’s with the Democrats, anyway? It’s bad enough that they keep coming up with creepy candidates for president, but look at their idea of a first lady. Hillary Clinton, Teresa Heinz-Kerry and Michelle Obama, remind me of the three witches in “Macbeth,” but without their cooking skills. As awful as the other two ladies were, when it comes to sheer nastiness and bitterness, they couldn’t hold a candle to Mrs. Obama, although one would be sorely tempted to try.

First, we had to listen to Michelle admit that she’s never been proud to be an American until her hubby deigned to throw his hat in the ring. Then, recently, I heard this beneficiary of affirmative action give a speech in which she was griping that she and Barack had to pay back their college loans. Seven years at Ivy League schools and this woman still doesn’t know how to spell gratitude. A guilt-stricken white society paved the way for her to go to Princeton and Harvard Law, which inevitably led to her getting a job that paid her several hundred thousand dollars a year, and this ingrate is bitching about having to pay back a loan.

The other good-for-nothing with close ties to Obama is Rev. Jeremiah Wright. For over 20 years, Obama sat in the guy’s church and had him in his home, and somehow never once heard him utter a single objectionable word. Then, when the rest of us began hearing some of those words, Obama dismissed them as sound bites taken out of context. I kept asking myself what particular context could justify saying that America deserved to be damned, that 9/11 was nothing more than our chickens coming home to roost, and that our government had invented AIDS as a way to exterminate blacks. Needless to say, I couldn’t come up with an answer. For his part, Obama didn’t even try. In a speech that nincompoops compared favorably to the Gettysburg Address, the best he could do was patronize his minister by saying that because Wright was of an earlier generation, we all had to understand where he was coming from. As I recall, he compared the racism of his black pastor to that of his white grandmother. Some cynics suggested that this fellow who was going to bring us all together apparently wasn’t above throwing Granny under the bus.

Then, a scant six weeks later, when Wright pretty much repeated those same “out of context” words to the NAACP and the Washington Press Club, suddenly his surrogate son took umbrage. In other words, it was one thing when Obama’s spiritual advisor spewed his hatred of America, white people in general and white Christians in particular, for two decades, while the Obamas sopped it up like so much gravy, but quite another when those benign little sound bites started cutting into Obama’s polling numbers. Then, in the blink of an eye, Obama was all ears…and, whoops, another disposable old party got tossed under the bus.

Obviously, for the true believers in our midst, none of this matters. For them, Obama is the answer to a prayer. For millions of black voters, he is the Second Coming. For millions of white voters, he provides an easy way to prove how broad-minded, how decent, how truly superior they are.

The plain truth of the matter is that, perhaps for the first and only time in her life, Geraldine Ferraro, who wound up under a bus of her own, was right when she said that Obama is where he is because he’s black. Or do you really think that if he were a white man who had attended a racist church five times longer than he’s been in the U.S. Senate, was friends with an unrepentant bomb-throwing terrorist and was married to a woman who openly despises this country, he would have a snowball’s chance in Hell of being his party’s standard bearer?

Anybody who’s convinced that Barack Obama belongs in the White House, except as part of a tour group, is the same sort of twit who actually believes that Jimmy Carter is a living saint and that Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in America. In other words, a liberal.