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The B(D)S Movement

Trump Softening on Illegals? Result Of Our Third-World Values.

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Donald Trump has no choice but to soften his view on deporting eleven million illegal immigrants. I'm not disagreeing with the idea of deporting these illegals. I'm simply explaining why he has to alter his position.


Over the last two decades we have allowed our country to become overwhelmed by Third World values. What are these values? Third World values are a complete distrust of the system - so much in fact that you believe you should overrun it. It’s not just a movement of restoring the democracy, it’s an arrogance of vanity and self-interest that puts one’s interests above everyone else.  

We are seeing this with the civil unrest created by #blacklivesmatter - the burning of the American flag by immigrants at Trump campaign rallies and via white-collar crimes across the country. Moreover, many minority groups have created a ‘them against the rest of us’ culture. 

Hillary Clinton is a perfect example of Third World values. Regardless of the intent of our laws, she finds a way to take advantage of her position of power and maximize her benefit no matter what the collateral damage. African, South American and Middle Eastern governments abuse their people and overpower opposition. In America, we have already seen nearly 8 years of lawlessness. This is the first step in becoming like these Third World governments.   

Trump skyrocketed in the Republican primary by playing to the anger and disgust of many voters who were tired of watching our country behave like these nations. However, he underestimated how much backlash he would encounter from the media and ‘the left’ on the idea of deportations. He has no choice but to accept the reality that this country has been overwhelmed by values that are inconsistent with our Constitution. These values prevail over common sense, logic and the rule of law. 


We have allowed hundreds of thousands of refugees, many who believe in Sharia Law or other ideals that are antithetical to our constitution, to enter this country. We have allowed a steady influx of gang members, drug dealers and political refugees from Mexico, Central and South America. We are transforming communities across this country into a hodgepodge of competing cultural values with no common thread of unity.

We have lost our greatest strength: a dominant culture built upon trust, faith, fairness and honesty. Instead, we have created a culture segregated into sections of competing values (which manifested the very conditions the refugees fled). In addition, of the 11 million illegal immigrants, there are millions more family and friends who would be affected by their deportation. In this case:  When a single person’s interests/desires is put ahead of the rest, it destroys our culture.

When we create unrealistic expectations, we suffer extreme consequences. I’m reminded of an accounting disaster in my housing company many years ago. For several months, my accounting department failed to bill a $39 monthly fee to my independent contractors for Internet services. When this was discovered in an audit, the total sum was in excess of $30,000. We had accidentally created a pattern and a culture which developed an ‘expectation’ that that service was free. Needless to say, there was outrage when we began billing that fee again. Our country has created several financial and social expectations that are very dangerous to our future. 


For years, we have avoided the enforcement of our immigration and community laws. Tens of thousands of criminal, gun violations avoid prosecution. Millions of immigrants pour across the borders without being deported. Leftist politicians have been given an unfettered platform to attack our police force. Liberal indoctrination has penetrated our schools and universities.  Affirmative-action policy has created a double standard (and reversal back to segregation). Anyone who dares challenge these destructive dereliction of American duties is labeled racist, xenophobic or bigoted. As a result, there is silence - no conversation. 

Enter Donald Trump. He created a firestorm of outrage and pushback which catapulted him to the Republican nomination for president. For a moment, it appeared that all of this political correctness was being systematically destroyed. As usual, the left and the media amped up the pressure and went on a full assault against Trump for attempting to return us to the values that were instrumental in our success: logic, reason and candor.

I never believed Trump would be able to deport eleven million immigrants. I'm in favor of the policy, but I did not think Congress would ever support such a move. Clearly, he has had a moment of awakening. He realizes that this nation, now overwhelmed with Third World values, must be coddled into agreement and not forced. His answer?  “Enforce the laws.” The laws are clear: If you are not a citizen, you are to be deported. This is the new ‘politically astute’ Donald Trump - teleprompter in tow.


Emotional people, lacking logic and business sense, now overwhelm our population. They are uninformed about how issues and policy can directly affect them. They are easily manipulated by emotional pleas of the left, and they do not have the resolve to fight for greatness as did the generations that preceded us.

There are only two ways to re-shape this nation in such a way that it can realize its potential. A president Trump must initiate policy which creates economic-lift with prosperity that benefits everyone (who works hard). When the money flows, they’ll finally understand. The alternative is that we must face a financial or military calamity that forces us to wake up to reality (through intense pain).

I pray it doesn’t come to the latter. 

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