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My wife asked, “do you think people are morally-worse now than they used to be or do we just notice it more due to the overwhelming amount of media?” The answer is “yes” to both.


I’ve been noticing this trend in my businesses for a few years. The ignorant have become empowered to spread their ignorance on society and if you disagree with them by presenting facts, they will shout, yell and outright abuse you.

Just 25 years ago, most of us read the newspaper, listened to the radio and watched the evening news. Those were the sole, dominant sources of news and information for the vast majority of Americans. There was always a slant to the coverage, but they held traditional values and generally could be trusted to present basic facts.

The average American consumes 5-6 times more information on a daily basis than it did 25 years ago leaving the reader confused because most of it has become opinion. It’s also become easy to find precisely what you want to hear. With tremendous competition, the once dominant media formats have resorted to sensationalism in order to compete with the new competition. This has resorted to giving a voice to unqualified, uneducated people who lack morals and ethics in order to remain relevant. What seems to matter most is whose opinion can generate the most reaction.

Unaccomplished and irrelevant groups are empowered by the non-stop coverage of their disruptive actions, such as #blacklivesmatters, #moveon, even ISIS. These groups prey on the anger of those who are losing in life, or the fears of those who are succeeding - pitting Americans sharply against each other generating hate and anger. Twenty-five years ago, these groups would have been ignored by the media, rendering them ineffective and irrelevant.


As these groups are given mainstream relevance, other weak-minded people are led to believe that such beliefs are acceptable by society. More and more people join this cultural shift toward ignorance and outrage.

I told my wife, “Yes, we are becoming a morally bankrupt nation with even more people who have no judgment between right and wrong. We are noticing it more because there is so much media to expose the irrelevant people who had earned no voice at all. They lived among us, but they were effectively silent, because they hadn’t earned a position in the media.”

Now, all they have to do is create a scene (while breaking several laws) at a Donald Trump rally and suddenly they are a media sensation.

For instance, take Thomas Dimassimo. He is the protester that rushed the stage at the Trump rally in Missouri. In a CNN interview, after his arrest, he justified his actions: “I have the right to heckler’s veto…I have the right to non-violent civil disobedience…[Trump] has gotten his followers pretty much afraid of everyone. It doesn’t matter if I hop the fence; if I stand there with a sign. They are ready to attack at any moment (Trump supporters)….He has them believing their entire way of life….they’re all under attack.” It should be noted that Dimassimo is a Bernie Sanders supporter, according to his Twitter page.

Dimassimo doesn’t even understand the definition of ‘non-violent.’ He asserts that he has the right to hijack an event he didn’t organize, on private property, rush the stage and physically assault a presidential candidate. He justifies this by using a legally-toned term that is nothing more than distorted language: ‘Heckler’s Veto.’ He further justifies his actions citing his right to elevate the rhetoric to physical assault because his position is ‘more right’ than Trump and the ‘end justifies the means.’ According to whom? Given he has participated in #Blacklivesmatter events, I’ll let you take a guess.


When unintelligent, weak-minded people are empowered to feel they have achieved relevance, through no specific accomplishments, they will act irresponsibly and cause harm. Their ego becomes inflated as they project their reasons for anger on others. Dimassimo, make no mistake! Trump (and Cruz) supporters, which represent the majority of Americans already feel their way of life is under attack. They don’t need a candidate for that. They feel the country is going crazy and that they are, in fact, punished for being diligent, hard working and morally obedient. They are in a state of shock as more and more rights are being stripped from them and handed to those who make no contribution to society. The only thing that Trump (or Cruz) is doing is giving a voice to existing thoughts of resentment.

The title of one of my recent articles was “The People are No Longer in Control of the Democracy.” It was quickly pointed out to me that we were a republic. In theory, I don’t disagree. In reality, both are wrong. We have become an ineptocracy (with laughs).

Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

In other words, losers will surround themselves with other losers and justify stealing from winners. As more ignorant people become empowered by an out-of-control media, we are in grave danger as a nation.


If you’re not paying your way, working hard and playing by the rules, you should not be able to both vote and lead in society so that everyone else has to pay for your expenses and stupidity.

It’s time the hardworking, diligent, responsible, ethical citizens retake control of this nation from these unaccomplished and ignorant people who want success without earning it. They can vote, but we’re not listening to your complaints until you prove you have something intelligent to say.

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