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Why I Am Voting for Trump

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In an election that has focused on the personal characteristics of the two major party candidates, I still believe that this election revolves around policy. What will the candidate do if he or she is elected president? How will their policies affect our day-to-day lives?


Applying the above to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, the following points weighed in on my decision. They are in random order, so please do not read anything into their weight of importance.

· She wants to allow citizens to sue gun manufacturers for people illegally misusing their products in a crime. If that were to happen, it would totally gut the 2nd Amendment.

· She wants to provide college debt free. That means free to the student and paid for by everyone else. She has barely discussed controlling the soaring costs of college, the useless degrees or the significant number of people who attend college but never complete college. She wants to create a new entitlement.

· She will do zero to reform or dismantle Obamacare which is crippling employers, insurance companies and individuals. She supports the increase in insured Americans who have no better access to health care than before they had insurance because of the lack of doctors, nurses and medical facilities.

· She wants to institute what she calls a “public option” for health insurance. That means the government will offer its own insurance policy with losses underwritten by your taxes. This is the next step toward nationalizing our health care system. By the end of her first term, our country will be in the death grip of nationalized health care.

· She will do nothing to restructure the VA which needs to abandon primary care for veterans and provide them a medical card for access to medical care at any facility. Trump will do that.


· The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rates in the world and it is a disgrace. Clinton will punish companies for moving operations offshore. Trump will lower taxes and enable those companies to bring their capital back home to be used to invest in jobs.

· She believes our government invests. He knows it spends.

· The government admitted that they paid $136.7 billion in improper payments in 2015. That is what they know about. Do you really think Hillary is going to do something about that?

· The investigation into her actions regarding her email has single-handily destroyed the creditability of the FBI as its director twisted himself into a pretzel in order not to indict her. He then did Friday document dumps where we found out five of Clinton’s personnel received immunity from criminal prosecution for inexplicable reasons and they destroyed evidence as part of the agreement.

· She is widely supported by Jews, but she is demonstrably troublesome for Israel. Her husband bullied a Prime Minister. She did the same as Secretary of State, berating him on an extended phone call. Trump’s party platform is the strongest support for Israel by any political party.

· She wants to further expand Dodd-Frank which has crippled the formation and very existence of community banks. It has also made the big banks truly too big to fail, exactly the opposite of what the Democrats said it would do. He will dismantle most of Dodd-Frank to stop stifling banks and encourage job growth.


· She will continue this war on our police. He will encourage stop and frisk which actually protects people in the most at-risk neighborhoods. She is anti-Black and anti-Hispanic safety. He will support the police that protect the neighborhoods of our Black and Hispanic Communities.

· He wants to lower tax rates for everyone. She wants to punish people for their success and take money from them to spend on her favored projects.

· She will continue to muck up the tax code making even CPAs ask for tax simplification. He will move to simplify, if not do a major overhaul of, the code.

· She will do nothing to make the IRS less political, the scariest thing done during the Obama years. He will put a halt to the shenanigans.

· She wants to gut the First Amendment that allows anyone to make contributions to political campaigns. She is so anxious to suppress her political opponents she wants to have a new constitutional amendment to overturn a supreme court ruling allowing all entities free political speech. She only wants the mainstream media and unions to be allowed that speech because they support her political allies.

· Benghazi – What more do I need to say?

· Under Obama the U.S. has fallen to 16th on the Economic Freedom Index – below Jordan and Qatar. In 2000, we were #2 in the world. Clinton has made clear she will follow his policies. It is a crime that the country which invented free government has fallen to 16th.

· He will rebuild our military. He said so. She will continue to let it wither.


· She will continue to support sanctuary cities which allow municipalities to essentially secede from the Union in regard to illegal aliens and the illegal actions in America. Trump will stop the lawlessness.

· Clinton supports regressive policies on education, such as abandoning charter schools and stricter performance requirements for teachers. She has the support of Blacks and Hispanics. When it comes to the education of their children, however, she is in the hands of the teachers’ unions and deserts their children.

These are just some of the reasons I am voting for Trump. They are focused on domestic policy (except Benghazi). It would take a book to define her foreign follies and the dismal state the Obama/Clinton/Kerry regime has left our foreign policy in.

And I didn’t even mention the Supreme Court … nor the Foundation, her being a Congenital Liar or the way the Clintons have lined their own pockets. And yes there are ties between their personally profiting and her activities in public office. Stop that lie. Do you really think they made all those millions because they tell good jokes?

Need I say more?

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