Selective Thoughts

Posted: Jul 23, 2012 12:01 AM
Selective Thoughts

It’s absolutely fabulous to see that gas prices are tanking (no pun intended) as the price of oil plummets. The only problem is that it’s happening for the wrong reason. The economy keeps slipping, thereby causing inventories of oil and gas to skyrocket. Speculators anticipate a continued slowdown, so don’t be surprised if prices creep even lower.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this were happening solely because we were expanding our own sources? Maybe someday…

Did you notice which foreign ally has been adversely affected by the security leaks from the White House? One and only one has been harmed: Israel. Yet, this President continues to talk about having Israel’s back.

Speaking of Jewish interests, the President has pandered to just about every interest group that could possibly vote for him. So far, the list includes women, young adults, gays and Hispanics,

But, for some reason, he hasn’t offered up any goodies to the Jews yet. Mr. President, please don’t leave us out of your pandering tour. We might start to suspect that you think we’re in the bag for you.

The Left has loved to frame Republican presidential candidates as out of touch. Bush #41 was said to be out of touch because he was not familiar with scanners in markets. Romney was framed by Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC as out of touch because of his comment about using computerized vending machines at a Wawa store that Mitchell herself had never set foot in. Both incidents were totally manipulated by the press to distort the image of the candidate.

Now we have a candidate who is clearly out of touch and it was not manipulated by the press. In fact he manipulated the press to cover himself. President Obama was at the men’s Brazil- USA exhibition game with the First Lady. When they turned the Kiss Cam on the king of cool, he had no clue what to do. He was so embarrassed that an hour later he made the event operators run the Kiss Cam again and brought the press corps back to make sure they covered it. This time he kisses the First Lady. Kiss Cams are ubiquitous at sporting events, being a favorite moment of the crowd. The Prez tells us he is a sports fan. Mr. President, that is just lame and you are the guy out of touch.

If you don’t already, you should read the Wall Street Journal’s Best of the Web Today by James Taranto, which thoroughly entertains and educates Monday through Friday. They recently dug up a whopper about our domestic air traffic system that has not had any major crash for over ten years. A Bloomberg report has this fascinating statement: “The benefits of aviation rules are calculated primarily on how many deaths they may prevent, so the safest decade in modern airline history is making it harder to justify the cost of new requirements.”

This is followed by a quote that can only be classified as mystifying from William Voss, president of the Flight Safety Foundation: “If anyone wants to advance safety through regulation, it can’t be done without further loss of life.” Anyone want to volunteer to be Mr. Voss’s crash dummy?

Everybody wants to know who Governor Romney is going to choose as his Vice-Presidential selection. It’s fascinating to see bona fide journalists pulling information out of their collective derrieres. Well, here’s a scoop for you – I have been asked to submit my tax returns. Who would have thought?

Obama’s new policy ignores “qualified” illegal immigrants who are under the age of 30. We’ll be giving these young people special treatment because they were supposedly brought here through no fault of their own.

So here’s the big question: Does this mean that we’re going to leave the kids here and send back their parents?

Europe made a mistake by not cutting Greece loose. They should have let Greece go and concentrated on saving Spain, whose economy is ten times as large. In the medical world, this is known as “triage.”

The Greeks held another election (thereby proving again that their government is in total disarray) and decided upon those people who favor being part of the Eurozone. Specifically, the ones that ask “Can we milk these people for more money while we sit at cafés sipping Ouzo and not paying our taxes.”

Speaking of Europe, it’s nice to see that the new French President, Francois Hollande, has lowered the retirement age to 60 years old. He must know something we don’t. Are the French dying younger or have they found some new suckers to pay for their retirement?

Wait until he tries to pay for this folly with higher taxes on the “rich” and discovers that he’s not getting any more revenue. Then the French might have to stop sitting at their cafés and get jobs.

Speaking of cafés, now that young Hispanics who are here illegally can “come out of the shadows,” they can join the other out-of-work young Americans at Starbucks. They can all sit together and send out resumes to companies not hiring because of Obamanomics. Who said President Obama isn’t bringing people closer together?

The one thing I would think the two parties would be able to agree upon is protecting the integrity of the voter rolls. You would think the Republicans are demanding that people give blood instead of simply requesting a government-issued photo ID to vote. The United States is the true practitioner of democracy, and we certainly should be the guardian of fair and honest elections.

The only reasons that people like Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi could oppose voter ID are 1) for pure political gain with certain interest groups or 2) to continue voter fraud. After a white guy showed up at Eric Holder’s precinct and talked the worker into giving him Holder’s ballot, you would think Holder would be shamed into supporting voter ID. So take your pick from the two points above – because it’s impossible that their opposition exists for any other reason.

I was in Boston to visit #1 son (who is working on the Romney campaign) and I tracked down those nice people from the Cherokee nation that were shunned by Elizabeth Warren. The way she treated them you would think she was no longer proud of being 1/32nd Cherokee. Rumor has it she also refused to meet with Ben Nighthorse Campbell, the last American Indian who was a member of the U.S. Senate. I guess she’s way over this Indian thing.