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Big Tech companies are censoring conservative voices and crushing small businesses. Facebook and Twitter kicked President Donald Trump (while he was the incumbent) off their platforms. Google and Apple booted the conservative social media app Parler off their app purchasing platforms. Facebook censored the New York Post’s reporting on the origins of the Coronavirus, and who can forget how Twitter suspended the New York Post for accurately reporting on Hunter Biden’s corruption. Republicans in Congress are finally starting to take this seriously. Big Tech has banned President Trump from Facebook and Twitter, but allows blood-thirsty criminals like Vladimir Putin and Chinese Communist Party officials to thrive on their platforms. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, the House Republican Conference Chair is leading the fight by standing up to Big Tech companies.


During her campaign for House Republican Conference Chair, Stefanik went on Steve Bannon’s War Room and voiced concerns about Big Tech’s power. She has pointed out how The New York Post was censored by Big Tech companies because of accurate reporting on Hunter Biden. Stefanik has strongly called for breaking up Big Tech and repealing Section 230. Some of the largest and most powerful Big Tech companies are silencing conservative speech. This is a massive attack on the First Amendment. When Republicans take control of Congress next year, they need to make reforming Section 230 a large part of their agenda on Big Tech. Elise Stefanik will help lead the charge to break up Big Tech’s power and repeal Section 230 immunity, which gives Facebook and Twitter the ability to censor conservatives without any backlash. Since taking her post as Conference Chair, she has kept her promise to fight back against conservative censorship. 

Recently, Congresswoman Stefanik joined the State Antitrust Enforcement Venue Act, which was introduced by Republican Congressman Ken Buck and Republican Senator Mike Lee. Currently, companies like Google and Facebook try to shop for more favorable court venues when a State Attorney General brings an antitrust case against them. For example, if the Texas Attorney General sues Google for anti-competitive behavior in Texas, the lawyers at Google will try to get this case moved to the more favorable district courts in Northern California. By joining this legislation, Stefanik is standing up to Google’s bullying tactics, and giving State Attorneys General the ability to take on Big Tech on their home field. Big Tech companies already have a trillion-dollar advantage, Elise Stefanik is helping level the playing field and holding Google and Facebook accountable for crushing small businesses and censoring conservative voices. 


House Republicans are gearing up to take the majority in 2022, as all signs show a red wave is coming. The proof is in the polling, Joe Biden and House Democrats are imploding on every issue, from inflation to crime. Congresswoman Stefanik has worked with House Leadership to come up with key task forces for policy proposals come January 2022. This is smart, as Republicans will be ready to hit the ground running with actual legislation to improve the lives of everyday Americans. One of the task forces focuses on Big Tech censorship and anticompetitive practices. This will be one of the big priorities for House Republicans, and as Conference Chair, Elise Stefanik is playing a key role in developing legislation and messaging when it comes to taking a stand against Big Tech. Conservatives want to see our elected officials actually do something on Big Tech, not just mouth talking points. Stefanik is showing action is coming on Big Tech. 

Big Tech companies continue to disregard conservative voices, censoring thought leaders and politicians on the right. They are able to do this because of their monopoly power and sweetheart immunity deal from Section 230. Thankfully, bold leaders like Elise Stefanik are leading the charge, calling for the Big Tech to be broken up and Section 230 to be repealed. 

Lady Brigitte Gabriel is the Founder and Chairman of ACT For America 



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