2010 Race of the Day: The Newly-Vulnerable Arizona Dem

Posted: Oct 20, 2010 12:01 AM

In southwestern Arizona, newly vulnerable Democrat incumbent Raúl Grijalva is locked in an unexpectedly tight race against rocket scientist and Republican candidate Ruth McClung. As McClung rapidly gains momentum and bolsters up her fundraising, she continues to present a stiff challenge for the four-term incumbent representing Arizona’s Seventh Congressional District. Although the district traditionally favors Democrats, the political narrative for 2010 tells a different story.

According to The Hill, two recent polls show McClung in dead heat with Grijalva. In addition, McClung’s “moneybomb” website attracted $100,000 in online donations in a single day. Ratings changes from nonpartisan political analysts also suggest that the race has tightened. Cook Political Report recently changed its rating of the race from “solidly Democratic” to “likely Democratic.”

As Democrats across the country become increasingly vulnerable, and the national party abandons their own members who have little chance of reelection, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has recently made a last-minute decision to swoop in to try and save Grijalva. However, a bailout from his Washington friends won’t be enough for Grijalva to hide from his support for an economic boycott of his home-state of Arizona and his controversial opposition to SB 1070 – a law that 70 percent of Arizona voters approve of.  With a record of rubberstamping the Democrat majority’s job-killing agenda more than 96 percent of the time, Grijalva is clearly fighting for survival.

From now until Election Day, Raúl Grijalva will be forced to defend his out-of-touch values, as Ruth McClung continues to present Arizona voters with a clear alternative. McClung’s recent fundraising success has led her to acheive “On the Radar” status in the NRCC’s Young Guns program. Please visit Ruth McClung’s website for more information about this emerging race.