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Race of the Day: Taking Back Arkansas

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Although it is a historically Democratic state, Arkansas has been trending in the GOP direction over recent years. Democrat retiree Vic Snyder’s support of the Obama-Pelosi big-government agenda of more spending and less jobs has only accelerated the pace. As a result, House Republicans are poised to make big gains in Arkansas this fall, particularly in the Second Congressional District which covers central Arkansas and includes the state capitol, Little Rock. Buoyed by the January announcement of Vic Snyder’s retirement and last Tuesday’s primary results that placed top-tier challenger Tim Griffin on the ballot, Republicans have a clear shot to take back this conservative district on Election Day.

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After several public polls showed him faring poorly against GOP candidate Tim Griffin, Snyder announced that he would not run for re-election this November.  Griffin’s solid win in last Tuesday’s primary is proof-positive that he is an ideal candidate for Congress and is fit to represent the people of Arkansas’s Second District. While Republican voters overwhelmingly chose Griffin, a veteran, former U.S. Attorney, and small businessman, Democrat voters remain split in their decision, calling attention to their party’s ongoing internal strife. Griffin now awaits the winner of the June 8 Democratic primary runoff between liberal statehouse politicians Robbie Wills and Joyce Elliot.

As a fifth generation Arkansan, Tim Griffin understands what Arkansas families expect and deserve of their representatives in Congress. Tim has served in the United States Army Reserve for 13 years, was deployed to Iraq and currently holds the rank of Major. He served as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas and is a Little Rock community leader. Griffin was one of the first ten GOP candidates across the country to achieve ‘Young Gun’ status, the top tier of the NRCC’s three-level Young Guns recruitment program. His personal experiences combined with a demonstrated dedication and extensive service to his country and community make him an excellent candidate to represent the Second District of Arkansas.

In 2004, George W. Bush carried Arkansas’s Second District with 51% of the vote, while John McCain won with 54% in 2008. The PVI rating for the district is R+5 and Cook Political Report rates the general election a “lean Republican.” Tim Griffin has proven that he is prepared to put this seat back in the Republican column, and his positive vision for Arkansas and America will lead him to victory over whichever Pelosi ally emerges from the Democrat runoff.

Be sure to check out Tim Griffin’s website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on this race.

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