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Beyonce and the Black Panthers

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The pop music sensation simply known as Beyonce is the toast of the cultural left for a new video titled "Formation." Several scenes are racially charged, including the pop diva sinking into the water on top of a New Orleans police cruiser, a nod to Hurricane Katrina propaganda. In another, a young black boy in a hooded sweatshirt dances in front of a line of white police until they go "Hands up" to his dancing talent.

Before we take another step, let's stipulate: This champion of racial injustice is worth $450 million, and with her husband, rap mogul Jay-Z, a cool billion.

On her Sunday program, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry was in danger of levitating in joy over all the racial consciousness the pop star raised in her video, along with her double middle fingers of dissent. This was hours before Beyonce's appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show, parading in front of a squad of female backup dancers dressed in leather and black berets with large '60s Afro hairdos in a Black Panther tribute.

Beyonce's (white) stylist Marni Senofonte explained that this was about showing "strong black women," and repeated the line that the Panthers just fought "police brutality" and fed the community. "It was important to her to honor the beauty of strong black women and celebrate the unity that fuels their power. One of the best examples of that is the image of the female Black Panther," she claimed. "The women of the Black Panther Party created a sisterhood and worked right alongside their men fighting police brutality and creating community social programs."


Left out of this pretty picture was reality. The Black Panthers were dangerous and deadly with a history of petty drug dealing and pimping, along with the murder of policemen and their own internal dissenters. How this pampered, gown-wearing princess rapping "I might be the black Bill Gates in the making" relates to these Marxist-Leninist thugs is anyone's guess.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani is not a fan, telling Fox News that any honors for the Panthers are an attack on the police: "I thought it was really outrageous that she used it as a platform to attack police officers who are the people who protect her and protect us, and keep us alive." Reports quickly surfaced that Beyonce came to the Super Bowl stadium with a police escort. One wonders what she was thinking as she looked out her limo window at the men (and women) who would sacrifice their lives for her.

Beyonce didn't have a "wardrobe malfunction" like Janet Jackson in 2004, so most people just heard the mediocre -- and boring -- rap song performed and waited for the football to resume. Most didn't absorb the political messaging during the performance.

What's amazing is how Beyonce is having it both ways. She is today's most famous example of a limousine liberal, playing around with "Black Lives Matter" themes while dressed in Gucci fashions and rapping about her Givenchy gowns. She wants to be praised like a conversation-changing political figure at the same time she raps "When he f--- me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, 'cause I slay."


Like all limousine liberals, no one counts on the liberal media to point out all the hypocrisy, just as they failed to find any fuss when wealthy whites cooed over the Panthers in the '60s. History is an ongoing whitewash, and only conservatives are willing and ready to strip away the legends and lies.

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