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Best Acting at an Oscars Party, Stelter Hates Media Hate, and Naturally Shakespeare Is Racist

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Reporting on the Mirror – THE OSCARS

  • Don Lemon, please report to the Burn Ward…

Last night they held the Oscars, and there were a few select items of little note. Host Jimmy Kimmel had a lame dig on Tucker Carlson regarding editing. There was comedy as we see there will never be an end to the identity awards when Ruth E. Carter was declared the first black woman to win two Oscars.

One notable element was when Michelle Yeoh won Best Actress. In giving her acceptance speech, the 60-year-old performer delivered a quote that was quite evidently targeted at CNN's Don Lemon and his recent comments in regard to Nikki Haley.

  • "This is proof that dreams dream big and dreams do come true. And ladies, don't let anybody tell you -you are ever past your prime. Never give up!"


  • Did AP use a stringer from Maxim Magazine?

After Michelle Yeoh won, there was, of course, the post-awards show party circuit, and the AP was on the scene. They also were a bit distracted. In one interlude, the outlet described some of the stars getting together, but then the syndicate thought better of the way things were described.

What led to this abrupt edit? Well, the initial description of the scene had a few problems – both on the topic of facts and good taste.

First Amendment Strike Force – MSNBC

  • And what if the troops prefer it, Eric…?

Here's a fun little mental exercise to play: Try to imagine if there are any differentials found between the networks that are constantly accusing Conservatives/Republicans of fascism and those lobbying to have news networks silenced or removed from various platforms.

We see once again that MSNBC does not have mirrors in their studio, as Rep. Eric Swalwell came on and, this time, suggested that Fox News should no longer be broadcast to our troops stationed overseas.

Race to the Bottom – THE ATLANTIC

  • We would like to see the British census demographic figures from the Elizabethan era, please.

Whenever you think back to Medieval England, one does not immediately conjure a society that is necessarily diverse in appearance. This is not to suggest that there were no people of various ethnicities in that era, but suffice it to say it was quite certainly a rather bland era as appearances go. This reality is elided in a new book, enthusiastically reviewed by The Atlantic, alleging that the works of Shakespeare are basically a supremacist cookbook.

Despite many of his works concerning or even centered on Moors, Cleopatra, or the island native in "The Tempest," William "The White" (assumed) delivered some racist prose! Here's all that is needed to grasp the premise and spare you further reading.

  • "All Of Shakespeare's Plays Are About Race. The playwright's work was central to defining whiteness as a racial category...White people have for so long been taken as the universal norm in the Western canon that to name them as white is to engage in critical race study. Because they're all involved in defining whiteness. Shakespeare's work, the collection argues, was central to the construction of whiteness as a racial category during the Renaissance, and white people, in turn, have used Shakespeare to regulate social hierarchies ever since."

Pathological Media Amnesia – (formerly of) CNN

  • Maybe focusing on profits would help some outlets, just suggesting.

There was a curious panel held at this year's South By Southwest Cultural festival. Brian Stelter posted that he would be joining a panel this past Saturday called Media Profits By Amplifying Hate: Can We Fix It?

This is…this is just precious! So, we have the very people who have spent their time calling Trump Hitler, are currently obsessed with calling Ron DeSantis fascist, and filled years of reporting with false claims of Russian collusion – and they are going to lecture against the media using hate?!?!

Uh…sure they will…

Pre-Written Field Reports – NBC NEWS

  • When your default opposition to a politician exposes your lack of pragmatic thought.

On "Meet the Press," Chuck Todd played a cli[p of Ron DeSantis speaking in Vegas days ago, and Chuckles was practically beside himself after hearing DeSantis declare that Florida is the only state that sets aside a day to have the truth about communism taught in schools.

Chuck declares that it seems kind of weird that DeSantis was going out of his way to politicize something. So we are left to wonder which it is that has him so flustered: Is it the teaching about the negatives of communism, or is he baffled how a politician pushed a political policy about a political ideology and managed to…politicize it?

Democratic Custodial Services – MSNBC

  • "Biden does more before 9 am than most people who do not wake up!"

With a major bank meltdown taking place this weekend, it was important for President Jose Biden to put forth a strong show in order to avoid other bank runs and calm the banking gentry in this country. He managed to deliver a fable about a bailout not costing taxpayers, and of course, he had to blame Trump for the downfall, despite his being in office now for more than half his term. 

And maybe the White House should have reconsidered the lack of confidence on display as Biden, yet again, turned away and refused to face questions. In an attempt to spruce up this questionable display was former Biden lapdog Jen Psaki, but instead, she managed to make him sound more inept with a slip-up of an admission. 

So…he usually does nothing by 9 am?! That's hardly encouraging. And as far as that attempted save by Psaki to declare Biden works late because he is instead a "night owl," that has actually been disputed in the press, with press releases sent by the White House press office shortly after he was inaugurated. (That would be the press office Jen Psaki was running, for the record.) 


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