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Two Wildly Divergent Fact Checks on Biden’s State of the Union Address

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Low Octane Gas Lighting – PRESIDENT JOSE BIDEN

  • Is it possible for an online news outlet to run out of paper?

Just how bad was President Biden's SOTU speech to Congress on Tuesday evening? Well, there was the expected rosy hue applied to the economy, he claimed he "created" a record number of jobs, that he lowered the deficit when it was, in reality, the suspension of Covid support payments, and many more. A personal favorite: He postured as if he was trying to pass immigration reform to secure the border.

At the NY Post, they claim to have actually grown tired of cataloging all of the lies in a 70-minute speech. The cool thing is they provide a nice tear sheet of sorts that provides not fact checks so much as "reality checks" on Biden. 

Pre-Written Field Reports – THE NEW YORK TIMES

Anyone with even a modicum of interest could be able to look over the Biden speech and find problems with it. Displaying an abject lack of interest was The New York Times, which managed to actually say that the president did not lie at all, but there were instances where he exaggerated, or – to use a grand flex of a euphemism – he may have "omitted crucial context." 

We hope they did not strain something making that stretch. 


  • The disdain for the element that provides your career is a precious touch.

Some of the Republicans newly installed in leadership in the House had a keen idea – they decided to read the Constitution in the chamber. This, by all evidence, was seen as problematic to some, but it is particularly revealing to see someone who claims to be a journalist bothered by this occurrence.

It is always alluded that leftists and media members resent our founding documents, but it is special when a journalist is being bothered that the First Amendment might be read out loud in a congressional wing; just perfect. 

News Avoidance Syndrome – THE WHITE HOUSE

During the State of the Union, President Biden early on referenced his wife, Dr. First Lady Jill, and mentioned how she will be in attendance at the Super Bowl while he has to miss the Big Game. 

As an interesting side note, on the Fox News post-speech analysis, Brett Baier mentioned the fact that the Biden administration has not confirmed with them about doing the traditional pregame interview with the host network. This year, Fox has the Super Bowl broadcast, which means usually, a Fox News personality would be sitting with the president. Were he to forego this interview, it would break the tradition followed by each sitting president dating back to 2004. 

Presentation Paradox – THE GAMER

  • We refuse to cover this release – now that we profited off of it!

There has been a ridiculous tempest surrounding the release of the video game "Harry Potter: Legacy." Many in the woke gaming community have been railing against it, trying desperately to shame people into avoiding it, all over the social upheaval with creator J. K. Rowling.

One problem with this supposed protest: The advance sales for the game were already setting records before the activist set got all riled up. They are basically picketing in the parking lot of an already sold-out stadium. 

One of the allegedly outraged outlets is The Gamer, which has pledged not to promote the game with a review upon its release. This is quite the opposite of a bold stance, considering the site has produced close to three dozen pieces about this game in particular just in the short 2023 calendar. So they are just fine generating traffic and revenue off of the outrage of the game. 


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