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Anti-Social Media – MSNBC

  • Joy Reid is happy to win the culture war over…the Devil?

Joy Reid looked over the 2023 GRAMMY Awards show this weekend and came to a unique conclusion: The left has won the culture wars! She says this based on the fact that there was diversity at the ceremony. Someone sang in Spanish! There were people of color everywhere! 

Yeah, so? There was also a demonic Satanist performance everyone is talking about. Does Joy want that to be her claim as well?

The funny aspect of this is that for the past couple of months, Joy, and many others in the press, have been excoriating the right for wanting to engage in culture wars. But now, suddenly, it is not only acceptable, but it is a cultural battle worth cheering over? As a result of this show, Joy thinks she has a grasp on the reaction to the displays.

  • "I can only imagine the heads ex-PLODING in red states. I imagine Ron DeSantis is somewhere stalking through his governor's mansion, trying to figure out how to ban the airing of the GRAMMYs in Florida and take away CBS's tax exemptions."

This is what Joy relies upon, her imagination. Most of the conservatives who had no interest in the GRAMMYs did what they have been doing for decades – they did not watch. But Ms. Reid misses out on another aspect of these shows praising themselves as "diverse." When they highlight, as Joy does, that they awarded the first-ever nonbinary performer and first trans performer, it means for its 65-year history, this show excluded trans and non-binary individuals. On Saturday, the GRAMMYs were just as intolerant as Joy claims others to be. They also are accepting of Satanists. Congratulations on your "win," Joy.

Presentation Paradox – ASSOCIATED PRESS

Some credit goes out to the AP for accuracy in reporting. However, there was more than a sleight of hand in play when the headline is blaring some probable outrage-generating reactions. The outlet looked into the story of the state of Florida possibly including probing questions into the menstrual cycles of female high school athletes.

This managed to lead a few activist types on social media to deliver contempt about the governor overstepping in an authoritarian fashion. A few problems, however. 

First, this was not a decision explored by the governor's administration but by a separate athletic health commission. Second, this is a policy set up to measure the health of female athletes and prevent possible problems they could be encountering. Also, this type of "intrusive" questionnaire is a standard in place currently in about 40 states. 

What the AP did here was hide the fact that this was a fact check on the policy. That oppressive headline made for far better sharing for the outrage set. 

Prose & Contradiction – NBC THE LATE SHOW

  • You all need to mask up. Me? Nope, I'm the star!

On a recent episode of "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," there was an interesting dynamic at play with the Covid-focused host. (Recall his Broadway song and dance routine touting the vaccines?)


During a recent show monologue, Colbert was going over details about the Biden administration making a new ruling on the pandemic. He was excited that Biden was lifting emergency levels on dome Covid policies, but there was a bit of a disconnect when the studio audience was featured.

  • "Take that, Covid! We beat you! Shove that up your nose and rotate it five times … this has been a long time coming, and I wish you could see the smiles on the faces of my audience. And I wish I could too, because they're still wearing masks."


It has become a shared experience across the country and on social media – eggs are damned expensive! Due to market pressures like an avian flu outbreak and inflation, the national average for the food staple has shot up nearly three times higher in about a year's time frame. But you people need to stop bitching about it and definitely need to refrain from blaming Jose Biden; your ancestors had it far worse!

  • "In the meantime, it might help to contemplate that as expensive as they are, eggs are still really cheap, historically speaking. If you look at old cookbooks, you will notice that the authors seem to view eggs and chicken as almost a luxury good. In 1896 a pound of round steak was about 35 percent cheaper than a pound of eggs. (Today, by contrast, a pound of eggs — about 9 eggs — would cost you roughly $3.21 at my grocery store, while a pound of round steak is $8.69.)"

So, there you have it. You might feel like you are spending more and saving less when you hit the grocer's checkout, but just consider prices from the 1800s and then zip it with your petty complaints!

Low Octane Gas Lighting – MSNBC

  • Guns are not a laughing matter, especially when gun owners end up laughing AT you.

With the nation gripped in Chinese spy balloon hysteria last week, there were a number of people pledging to shoot down the incursion of a surveillance dirigible. One member of Congress also joined in, as newly elected J.D. Vance posted a pic of him poised to fire upon the spy balloon should it come into view.

This obvious gag was lost on the expert in condescension, Mehdi Hasan, who lambasted Vance for what he decided was an ill-conceived plan.

It is remarkable to see this elitist attempting to mock an experienced gun owner and Ivy League graduate as being unable to grasp the range limitations on his own ordinance because Hasan cannot grasp the concept of a humorous post. As far as "rubes" go, we leave it to you to decide if Hasan or his commenters better fits that description.


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